How I learned to listen to the vital monitor!

Roland hebt Gewichte bei einem Dirt Run.

How I came to the Vitalmonitor

My name is Roland and Dirt- or Obstacleruns I do for about 1 1/2 years out of passion. More for fun and without big performance thoughts. As a member of the, the largest Austrian OCR team, I learned very quickly my limits and therefore wanted to quickly achieve more and more. When I did a lactate test with Berny Schimpl from Sport in Motion after thinking about it for a while, I didn't know what would happen afterwards. After the test, the questions were: "What do you want to achieve?" and "Do you need a training plan?". A colleague at work then showed me the Vitalmonitor and what successes he had already achieved with it to date.

On 23.03.2017 I started to measure with the Vitalmonitor and on 24.03.2017 my first training session was on the program - Bio-Age 57 years - pure motivation!!!

Daily optimized training through measurement of HRV

After the morning measurement for the calibration of the system and the indication of my training possibilities (how much time I have for my training) I get the, for me, optimal training specification from my trainer and the Vitalmonitor. Compared to the training plans I was familiar with before, I had the feeling that I was now training much less intensively than before. My training now contained much more basic endurance than before. The pace was about "fast" enough that I just wasn't overtaken by a young-at-heart person with a walker ;-)

Unfortunately, on April 2, 2017, I tore a muscle fiber in my right calf during a workout. Apart from the fact that the injury was immediately noticeable, the vital monitor reacted with a high stress level and recommended no training. Since it was a local problem, the values were back in the norm two days later and I could have really stepped on the gas again from that point on. That was a sign for me that the system was working.

My BioAge: a roller coaster

Due to the very stressful workday on the one hand and the physical strain on the other, my bio-age was like a roller coaster, so that I almost reached the 50-year mark at my worst times. However, since the training could be optimally adapted to my current condition, I neither got sick nor slid into overtraining.

After a little change in my lifestyle (diet and work), the Bio-Age finally went downhill. I noticed that training was much easier and I was able to regenerate much better. In addition, my running results were getting better and better. Of course, this also had a positive effect on my placings in races and competitions. Nevertheless, the main focus for me is still on having fun.

My training with the Vitalmonitor

The intensity of the training was successively increased. In the meantime, I get 6 to 9 hours, which corresponds to up to 7 training units per week. Here the vital monitor helps to set the training stimuli optimally and to make progress. Despite the many training sessions per week, I can still achieve an optimal performance in competitions. Due to the good regeneration and the fact that I don't get into overtraining, I can train longer and more often. To date, my Bio-Age has dropped to 31.3 years (Yippieh ;-) )and the HRV has increased from an average of 30 ms to 50 ms.

Even though the individual measurements and the biofeedback take a certain amount of time each time, the vital monitor very quickly became my daily routine.

Successes to date and the future

Excerpt of previous runs 2017

  • Spartanrace 3-way Trifecta
  • 2 x Spartanrace Trifecta Weekend
  • Spartanrace Ultrabeast Dolni Valčianska
  • Erzberg race
  • Vöcklamarkter economic dirtrun
  • Getting Tough Beat The Summer

My next goals

  • Getting Tough The Race
  • Burgenland Extrem
  • Toughest Mudder 8 h

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