Vital monitor for endurance sports

More success

The problem

Too little progress

You come from work. Your day was good. All done. You just want out. In the forest. Hard running training. Shoes on. You give it full throttle. For 5 minutes. After that you're completely exhausted. You can't explain why.

3 days later. Your day was bad. Training is on your plan. Your feeling says “break”. You overcome yourself. Short, easy training - nothing more. Shoes on. Out into the forest. You run and run. No fatigue - but why?

Did you know that your body tells you when you are ready to train and how?

The solution

HRV measurement

Vitalmonitor + app analyze your heartbeat and calculate your ideal training range on a daily basis.

We measure heart rate variability and use this to directly derive regeneration status, training recommendations and stress values. This derivation used to be extremely time and money intensive. People who wanted to take measurements had to be connected to a standing ECG machine each time. However, through our years of research and development, we have managed to develop a device for everyday use: the vital monitor.

Based on the variability of your heartbeats, it recognizes whether you have regenerated well or poorly.

The vital monitor

The revolution in training control: The most user-friendly HRV measurement of all time

The Vitalmonitor Nano is a mobile vitality sensor that measures your physical regeneration and uses this to calculate daily training recommendations. The vital monitor measures your heart rate variability, which is a benchmark for your willingness to train. This allows you to:

Find out at any time how regenerated your body is and tailor your training accordingly.

The app

The Vitalmonitor app is completely free.

main menu

In the main menu you select Start measurement. Moisten the Vitalmonitor Nano and put it over. Now click on “Start measurement”.

Measurement details

Immediately after the measurement, your data is calculated on our high-security servers and transferred to your smartphone.


In the statistics you can look at the changes over the last few weeks/months and implement appropriate interventions.


Look at your values ​​over a longer period of time

  • Place values ​​on top of each other in the overlay
  • Supervise athletes if you are a coach
  • Check measurements for accuracy


Through years of development work and constant optimization with the help of athletes, sports physicians, doctors and vitality coaches, we have made the Vitalmonitor Nano what it is today:

  • Only 1-2 thousandths of a second deviation compared to a standard ECG machine.
  • Sensor weighs only 12g.
  • Chest band made of flexible fabric.
  • Integrated battery.
  • Charger included.
  • Can also be used as a heart rate belt for sports.
  • Resistant to splash water, sweat & UV radiation.
  • Small dimensions, therefore easy to transport.

world class athletes

trust in the vital monitor. Including the ÖSV, Dominik Thiem & the Stuttgart Olympic Base



Tennis player

"I've been using the vital monitor for almost a year now and it has really helped me to have a physically stable season. But even outside of sport, it is extremely helpful to get such good information about your physical condition every day."

Mag. Hans Holdhaus: Now that we are preparing for the season, we can optimally control the training with the help of the Vitalmonitor!


ÖSV biathlete and vice Olympic champion

"Thanks to the vital monitor, I can always keep an eye on my performance and regeneration data. This means I can make short-term training adjustments that help me find the optimal setup. The display of the long-term progression is also a great help. Physical development can be clearly seen reading. The daily HRV measurement is now an integral part of my everyday training routine and I can no longer imagine being without it."


Bronze winner at the Long Distance World Championships

"With the vital monitor, I can easily identify the stress from sport, study and everyday life, both in the short and long term, and adapt my training accordingly. In times of great challenges or even in extreme conditions such as heat periods, the body is often already at the limits of its ability to regenerate . Subjectively, I often only recognized this 2-3 days later because I then fell into a low. With the vital monitor I can now prevent this. With the help of the timely measurements, I receive immediate objective feedback about my current regeneration status. Through timely training adjustments I now avoid such lows and can therefore consistently build performance."


Currently 1st place in the MTB Marathon UCI world rankings

"It was so cool to be able to ride with the best in Europe (or even the world) - so the training was optimally controlled thanks to Vitalmonitor! I finished 36 seconds behind the European champion Sabine Spitz (GER) on the 80 km long route with an altitude of 2050 meters an excellent 8th place. Who would have suspected this performance development 3 years ago!"


Mountain biker

"I have been a professional athlete for 5 years and have been cycling competitively for 15 years. Every year I try to optimize my performance so that I can assert myself among the world's top marathon mountain bikers. As is well known, the composition of many small mosaic pieces forms the path to success, One of them is now the Vitalmonitor. I have been working with the Vitalmonitor every day since September 2014 and it gives me the opportunity to adapt my training to my current form on the day and thus avoid overtraining.
I can say that thanks to the vital monitor I:

  • I can train more efficiently because I avoid incorrect strain
  • I have my regeneration under control and more self-confidence
  • Precise intervals and therefore optimal training stimuli can be set

All in all, I can no longer imagine working as a competitive athlete without the vital monitor!


Mountain biker

“Over time you simply have the experience…” is how many of my colleagues from the elite sports scene often describe the basis of their training. After almost 18 years in the international mountain bike scene, I didn't believe that athletes could fall into an everyday routine. So-called “bad days” were often ignored and training continued hard. The domino effect usually appeared later or even on the day of the competition - and all too often culminated in disappointment. With the vital monitor, my trainer and I were able for the first time to identify stresses that I previously thought would have little impact on my physical performance, such as jet lag, private matters or just unfinished tasks from everyday life. These individual parameters can be visualized with the vital monitor and my trainer can immediately tailor the training individually to counteract the domino effect described."