How the Vital Monitor Helped Me After Heart Muscle Inflammation

This text from my client Mike Becker shows how I coached him with the Vital Monitor:

Diagnosis myocarditis

"My name is Mike Becker and I am 33 years young. I was diagnosed with myocarditis in September 2015. At the time, I was working shift work. I noticed over a period of a few weeks that my performance decreased significantly. It felt like I had the flu. One weekend in September, in addition to the usual symptoms of the flu, I suddenly developed pressure pains in my chest and a twinge in my heart area. I was finally diagnosed with myocarditis at the hospital and put on sick leave for several months. I spent the first few months with regular check-ups with the cardiologist, taking various medications, resting and not exerting myself physically.

Physicians vs. Vital Monitor

In December 2015, three months after the diagnosis, my cardiologist at the time advised me to slowly start exercising on my cross trainer to slowly get my heart used to stress again. He recommended that I exercise on the cross trainer for 10-15 minutes a day. However, this was not always possible for me at the time, as I often had no more strength after just a few minutes and also felt a strong pressure in the heart area. I shared these experiences with the cardiologist. A performance ECG performed in his office on the bicycle ergometer confirmed my information. For this reason, the medication should now be changed. However, the cardiologist could not be dissuaded from the recommendation of daily training of 10-15 minutes. Despite the new medication, I still did not manage to exercise daily. At that time, I remembered a recommendation from Volker Kleinert. I had already been struggling with various infections throughout 2015. One infection virtually replaced the other. Volker therefore recommended that I purchase a vital monitor at that time, so that I could better divide up periods of exertion and no longer fall ill so frequently.

Positive surprise: the vital monitor

The price of 399,- Euro at that time and the skepticism whether the device would really bring the desired success kept me from buying it. However, since I did not really know what to do in December, I clutched at the famous "straw" and decided to buy the Vital Monitor and was not disappointed. I took several measurements every day and was able to quickly and effectively determine at what times training and at what intensity made sense. In the beginning, there were several days when the vital monitor completely advised me against training. This was very disappointing, but often confirmed my previous perceptions. However, there were also other days when I did not feel well, but the vital monitor advised me to train. I found this very strange at the time, but followed the training advice.

My successes

After just a few weeks, the first successes began to show. For example, the days on which the vital monitor advised me not to train became fewer and fewer, and I was able to train at increasingly higher intensities without harming my heart. By the way, I also changed my cardiologist at this time, because he only considered the vital monitor a "gimmick" and did not take it seriously. My new cardiologist gave the vital monitor a chance. Every month I completed a performance ECG on the bicycle ergometer. The measured ECG values improved from month to month! Then in February 2016, after almost 6 months of sick leave, I started a reintegration at work. Today, after almost 5 months with the Vitalmonitor, I can say that it has helped me super in my recovery. I feel better from week to week and hope to soon regain my full capacity as before the heart muscle inflammation and then to be able to expand it. I would therefore like to thank the team of Vitalmonitor and especially Volker Kleinert for this really useful recommendation of the Vitalmonitor!" Mike Becker For questions about the Vitalmonitor, its purchase and individual support, please contact me - Volker Kleinert. The example of Mike shows that the Vitalmonitor is a sensible investment for everyone who cares about his health.

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