The vital monitor helped me to achieve my best performance!

Wolfgang bei einem Lauf mit Blick in die Kamera.

The Vital Monitor has made my workouts much more enjoyable!

How it all began

My name is Wolfgang and five years ago I started to participate in the first races. Since I liked it, I tried to increase the amount and intensity of my training. At that time I trained according to monthly training plans. This went very well for a long time and in 2015 I ran my fastest half marathon with 1:18:59. Fully motivated, I thought I could go even faster.

Less is more

Unfortunately, that was not the case. My running performance stagnated, although I continued to train as intensively as possible. Fortunately for me, two years ago Berny Schimpl from Sport in Motion offered to train me according to the Vitalmonitor method. At the beginning it was a bit strange not to always go full throttle in training, but to follow my measurements. But the saying is true: sometimes less really is more!

My Vitalmonitor successes

In the meantime, I have gotten used to the measurements and my daily companion, the Vitalmonitor, and my daily training routine has become much more pleasant as a result. Thanks to the Vitalmonitor I was able to finish the Linz Marathon in 3:10:23 this year. I am therefore confident to finish one of my next marathons sub 3h.Vitalmonitor Methode

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