How I broke the downward spiral

Den Weg nach unten durchbrechen
The Vital Monitor helped me restore my body confidence and get through my illness!

Diagnosis burnout

My name is Georg. Since 2007 I am a passionate and ambitious mountain biker. At the beginning without a training plan and training control, then from 2009 with a monthly training plan based on 3x annual lactate tests. I was one of the first to buy the Vitalmonitor when it was launched and have been using it ever since, but incorrectly, but more about that later.I was sick 3-4 times a year and didn't know why. I took a cure and continued as before. At that time I did not recognize any connection between the overload and getting sick. Now I am 32 years old and look back on the last two years of my life.

What has changed:

I have a wife, a house of my own, a grueling job that I enjoy and a passionate hobby. That to the good things.

The bad are: Heart problems, a diagnosis of burn-out and hyperkinetic heart syndrome as well as psychological problems (panic attacks, depression and anxiety disorders) that have prevented me from practicing competitive sports.

No sufficient diagnosis by physicians

My downward spiral finally started to screw me into the ground this year. Stress at work and at home, as well as my inner pressure to perform even better in the next race, made me put the training plan above the result of the Vitalmonitor measurement. In addition, I did not perform the measurement completely at rest, some kind of measurement ritual was missing. I saw the measurement rather as an unnecessary time-wasting burden.My head was so overloaded that it immediately sent the signals "heart attack" to my heart when I was stressed. Stress included: Coffee or eating too much, work stress, sports stress (more than 100 pulse), action movies at the cinema. My everyday life became hell as a result. To go to bed I didn't know if I could sleep peacefully or if I would get panic attacks, I lost trust in my body

We could not go on like this

I went from doctor to doctor and had myself checked out, but organically no problems were found. The root of all evil was my head! At the beginning I could not believe that the symptoms were so real and only my psyche should be to blame for everything - impossible? So I started a psychotherapy where my hidden psychological problems from childhood were worked out and still are. Much of the "backpack" one has to carry all one's life is packed away at the age of 3-6 and only reappears decades later. In my case with the panic attacks and anxiety disorders and consequently a hyperkinetic heart syndrome.

Breaking the downward spiral

This is where the Vitalmonitor and my trainer Berny Schimpl come into play. He has known me for about 6 years now and after he learned about my problems, he offered to help me get out of my slump physically with the help of the Vital Monitor.

The monthly training plans were cancelled and replaced with daily communication. (Before that, however, he helped me to find a suitable ritual for the morning measurement). As a basis serve the result of the morning measurement and the possible training duration as well as a status measurement after the training. Through this daily training control, within four months my bio-age has dropped from 41 to 29, my resting pulse from 53 to 40, my body awareness has increased and my body confidence has been restored. Since then, the heart problems and the panic attacks have all but disappeared and I feel powerful and like new again!

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Berny and the Vitalmonitor!

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