From amateur athlete to international top


With the Vitalmonitor from hobby sport to various international successes!

Bio-Age: that of a pensioner

I am 23 years young, have already completed a marathon, a duathlon and a few other competitions and have been doing endurance training for one and a half years. That was the initial situation when I bought the Vitalmonitor. Before that, there were several years of shift work, a lot of alcohol and little sleep. I noticed right away with the first measurements that not even my young body could cope with that. My bio-age showed several years more and in the first days of calibration my biological age continued to rise. But I was already on a good way.

Targeted training control

My coach Berny Schimpl, who is also the scientific director of the Vitalmonitor, recommended it to me. Through the regular measurements, we always had regeneration, stress, pulse and HRV in view and could thus control the training more specifically and also lower my bio-age, so that it at least corresponds to my age again - that was the idea. Since I was just embarking on the adventure of triathlon and was planning a half-Ironman for the first season, I didn't want to let these capacities go to waste. There was so and so much to do. Through the measurements we had from then on always feedback about the training and could control the training volumes and intensities well. So it was no wonder that I reached my goal in the summer and was able to fully realize all my plans. As a result, the fire in me was ignited and I wanted more. Much more!

With the Vital Monitor to the World Cup

More and more I put my focus on training and it soon became the center of my everyday life. With training control, we were able to achieve performance progress without harming my body through stress and strain. This was always evidenced by a continuing decline in bio-age, low stress levels and increasing heart rate variability. It was foreseeable that this kind of training control would bear fruit. In the following years, I was able to win my age groups at various Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events, to hold my own against professionals only 2 years after starting training, to qualify for world championships and even to win a bronze medal at the latter. My bio-age is now below my calendar age, my performances are absolutely top even in international comparison, I had no failures due to overload or overtraining and I feel great in my body and what I do. That's what I call a success! Photo credits: Michael Größinger

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