The BioAge shows how fit your organism is in relation to your age.

Recently, everyone was talking about a study by Dan Belsky from Duke University. He found that some people's bodies age significantly faster than others and that this is primarily due to environmental influences. This means we can influence how fit we age.

By measuring your biological age, you can find out what is good for your body and strengthen exactly that. Or you see what has a negative impact and avoid it in the future. Through these adjustments you can age healthily and increase your life expectancy, or regain the performance of a younger person.

Herbert Hackl

"For about 2 years now, however, I've had the problem that my immune system changes if I train too much. I've also been struggling with sleep problems for a long time. I didn't really feel rested in the morning and usually woke up exhausted. "

"Previous changes to the sleeping place did not bring any subjective improvement. Not this time either. However, my measurements, especially the BioAge, became significantly better."

"Without a vital monitor, I would have moved back to my sleeping place prematurely and would still be suffering from my old problems today!"


"In addition to my job as a manager of an international company, I did regular interval training and intensive strength training."

"Due to my high biological age, I switched to endurance training. I also paid attention to my sleeping habits and went to bed earlier. I started this change in mid-December - the vital monitor clearly shows me my successes. My biological age is now around 26 years decreased."

"My average stress level has reduced from 50% to 20%, even though the workload itself hasn't changed."

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