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The vital monitor helped me avoid overtraining!

Karoline wird auf dem Mountainbike vom Publikum angefeuert

The Vital Monitor has helped me listen to my body better and avoid overtraining!

Vital monitor method avoids overtraining

Karoline Neumüller reports on her experiences with the Vitalmonitor:

My name is Karoline and I started measuring with the Vitalmonitor in 2015. I am a very motivated and ambitious athlete who likes to test her own limits and exceed them from time to time. If you do a lot of sports, you often end up overtraining. But now to my story.

Overconfidence, or in my case better expressed, overmotivation rarely does any good. After many super weeks of training, my recovery values sank into the basement due to an infection. I didn't notice this infection at the beginning and therefore continued my training as usual. In the middle of the week, my trainer took me out of my training almost completely, and with success.

The vital monitor announced the infection to me a few days before - recognizable by the bad values (see picture: first signs of infection). Together with my coach and the Vitalmonitor, I can react ideally to this change in the body. My training is ideally adapted to my health condition with the Vitalmonitor and the feedback of my coach.

Less is sometimes more

Fortunately, things are now going in the right direction again and I can now carry out my training as usual. My thanks go to my trainer, who always keeps a watchful eye on me and puts the brakes on me as soon as I overdo it with the sport.
Übertraining kann vermieden werden

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