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Get your energy back and feel younger again

The problem

Stress, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and much more often lead to burnout, sleep problems, stress-related illnesses and sick leave. The causes are well known, but how do you actually create change?

The solution

The vital monitor analyzes your heartbeat and calculates your stress level and bioage on a daily basis.

In order to solve the problem of “stress”, it must first be measured. We do this in the short term via the “Stress Level” and in the long term via the “BioAge”. Only when the extent of the problem is visible can appropriate countermeasures ( interventions ) be taken. Interventions are actions to improve your well-being and health. (more on measuring stress )

The vital monitor

The revolution in health management: The most user-friendly HRV measurement of all time

The Vital Monitor is a mobile vital sensor that measures your physical regeneration, your stress level and your BioAge. The vital monitor measures your ECG and uses it to calculate your heart rate variability, which is an overall measure of your health. This allows you to:

Find out at any time how high your stress level and your BioAge are.

The app

The Vitalmonitor app is completely free.

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Look at your values ​​over a longer period of time

  • Place values ​​on top of each other in the overlay
  • Supervise athletes if you are a coach
  • Check measurements for accuracy


Through years of development work and constant optimization with the help of athletes, sports physicians, doctors and vitality coaches, we have made the Vitalmonitor Nano what it is today:

  • Only 1-2 thousandths of a second deviation compared to a standard ECG machine.
  • Sensor weighs only 12g.
  • Chest band made of flexible fabric.
  • Integrated battery.
  • Charger included.
  • Can also be used as a heart rate belt for sports.
  • Resistant to splash water, sweat & UV radiation.
  • Small dimensions, therefore easy to transport.
Ein Mann im Anzug führt eine Stress-Messung mit dem Vitalmonitor durch.

our customers

Health-conscious people who want to improve their well-being and performance.



I have always been very sporty and sport has always been an essential part of my life. Although I was never a professional athlete, I started taking part in my first running competitions (half marathon, marathon) in 2007. An Achilles tendon injury in 2009 curbed my euphoria for the first time and I then dedicated myself to triathlon, which has since become my great passion. But combined with a very stressful job, it became too much. Through the vital monitor , my coach noticed that my ECG kept showing inexplicable extrasystoles . For clarification, a 24-hour ECG was performed, which confirmed hyperkenetic HF . Without the vital monitor I probably wouldn't have thought of this and would have caused great damage to my body by increasing the strain. So I have drastically reduced my training, am trying to bring relaxation into my life, quit my stressful job and now hope to get out of my “stress trap” again with the support of the vital monitor. I am convinced that the vital monitor not only provides athletes with optimal information for training control, but can also be a valuable instrument for today's stress-ridden society to pull the emergency brake in good time and bring about changes in life. Many thanks to the team for developing this tool!


After I noticed after the first vital monitor measurements that my biological age (80 years) was significantly higher than my calendar age (52 years), I immediately took action. Instead of running briskly for an hour in the morning, I now went jogging for 45 minutes or trained on the ergometer. I reduced my television viewing and tried to go to bed around 10 p.m. The impact on my biological age was immediately apparent. Some stress factors set in in mid-December, which lasted over the Christmas holidays and into January. I then made a decision that had a very positive impact on my biological age. I also intensified my training to take part in a sporting competition. On February 23rd, the lowest point of my biological age (32.2 years), I tore the collateral ligament in my left knee and the cruciate ligament and meniscus in my right knee while training.

The recovery process, coupled with additional stress factors and the lack of exercise, led to a rapid increase in my biological age. Only since I have been able to complete targeted training sessions coordinated with the vital monitor again has my BioAge followed a desired downward trend again and my well-being noticeably increased .

George Zoltan

I have been using the vital monitor for about 1.5 years now and don't want to miss it anymore. I exercise up to about 5 times a week and my measurements were generally stable, depending on the stress I was currently exposed to.

But suddenly I had a severe drop in my regeneration, even though I felt quite good and fit. There was also a week of training. But since I now trust the vital monitor, I took a break from training. After 2 days, my subjective feeling also confirmed that the vital monitor was right; I no longer felt so good. I also noticed significant swelling on my right foot. To be on the safe side, I had this checked at the hospital. There I was diagnosed with erysipelas.

I can't imagine what would have happened if I had completed the week of training. The vital monitor has now become an integral part of my life and I can only recommend it to everyone, on the one hand for monitoring their performance but also their health.


Sport can achieve many things. June 2008: the scales show 112 kilos and I realized that this path is a one-way street. So a concept was needed. A change in diet with medical support, regular exercise and results began to show on the scales. December 2008: 74 kilos.

Today I would describe myself as a performance-oriented mountain biker. With training plans, regular performance analyses, numerous racing events and so on. However, I don't owe the biggest development in my sport to the larger wheels on the bike, but rather to the vital monitor. When I was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease 3 years ago, a new component suddenly entered my life. I had to learn to listen to my body better, recognize states of exhaustion earlier, and avoid stress.

The measurements with the vital monitor are therefore part of my daily routine. Each measurement result shows me directly how my body reacts to the various stresses of training and everyday life. Together with my coach, we adapted the training, further adapted the diet to my needs and were able to immediately monitor the immediate effects with the help of the measurements. Just by changing your diet, not only your bio-age but also your resting heart rate fell within a week.

A process that has kept me fit and productive so far without me having to constantly worry about my illness. Regardless of whether we set new stress stimuli during training, I continue to work on my diet, or the stress at work becomes too much again: the feedback comes promptly from the vital monitor.


In addition to my job as a manager of an international company, I did regular interval training and intensive strength training. When I started this training, my biological age was 50 years old, which gradually increased to 58 years old. I wanted to counteract this development and had a training plan developed. I now train endurance 4 times a week and strength twice a week. I also paid attention to my sleeping habits and went to bed earlier. I initiated this change in mid-December - the vital monitor clearly shows me my successes. I have now reduced my biological age by 26 years.

The average stress level has reduced from 50% to 20% , although the workload itself has not changed .