How I learned to listen to my body

The vital monitor helped me to take the signals of my body seriously!

My name is Markus and I am a passionate cyclist. Mainly I compete in mountain bike competitions.As a lateral entrant in cycling, I was soon able to increase my performance and celebrate small successes. But setbacks due to injuries and my zeal were not absent. Over time, I became more ambitious and my ambition to increase my performance more and more grew. However, I always did this while working full time and physically. Due to my pronounced interest in my job, my tasks therefore also became more and more at work. In this life situation I met my wife, who shares with me the sporty passion. In the meantime we have 3 children, who are growing steadily and of course need our attention. So I acquired knowledge and pursued the sport - in my opinion - even more purposefully.

National successes were not lacking and I wanted more! But the more meticulously I fulfilled my plans and those of the trainer, the more often I became ill: 5-6 times a year, 10 whole days each! It stands to reason that the effect of the previous training sessions vanished into thin air. These negative experiences and the resulting uncontrolled food intake did the rest. In order to reach my goals and stay healthy, something had to change! The knowledge: "Listen to your body!" doesn't help if you can't decide against training. So I made the mistake and completed again and again units, where I already had a bad feeling in advance.

Since I now have the vital monitor and use it to control my training, I have been able to get back to my old performance. It's very interesting to see how the different training units work for me. Now I also sometimes skip a unit to recover or decide for a regenerative unit, which I should have done in the past, I always knew better afterwards.Knowing how to set the stimuli at the right time gives me more freedom and looseness for my family. Since then I have not been sick and a further falling bio-age, low stress values and increasing heart rate variability further confirm this. I can only recommend the Vitalmonitor to every athlete, especially beginners and young athletes! There is no easier way to get to know your own body and thus avoid overload and resulting mistakes!

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