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Become an ultra runner with the Vitalmonitor!

I got to know the Vitalmonitor 3 years ago, in the fall of 2013, when a friend recommended it to me. Since then, I start every day with a morning measurement in the day!
I am from Hungary but work as a software developer in Austria. I have been a long-distance runner since 2002. I have run the marathon distance 99 times so far. For several years I have been preparing very intensively for longer (ultra) runs (like 6-hour, 100 km, 12-hour or 24-hour run) and therefore I train pretty hard almost every day (120-150 km per week). I have a coach who writes my training plan and together we analyze my measurements. The vital monitor gives us a confirmation every day if the direction is right or if we need to correct something.So why do I use the Vital Monitor? The goal, of course, is to optimize my training so that I develop faster and avoid injuries. Normally I can't do more than 2 or 3 hard (long or intense, or both) workouts per week, the Vitalmonitor gives me an accurate and quick feedback if I'm ready for the next intense run, or if I have to wait.

How did the vital monitor help me?

With the help of the device, I realized that I always slept badly in a place other than home (for example, in a hotel) and was quite poorly rested in the morning. The reason was: I didn't ventilate enough. As a result, I always aired enough in the evening and was much better regenerated in the morning.

Before the competitions, I can optimize my form through the measurements so that I can call up my top performance on the big day. In the past, this was always a big problem: I had no idea at all how many days of recovery I needed before a race .

That's why I'm very happy with the Vitalmonitor: it's very easy to use, one measurement takes only 3 minutes. With my age (I am 39, but my bioage only 25 :D ) the development is not easy, but am I still successful. My last results:

  • Okt 2015: Ljubljana Marathon: new PB 2:57:35
  • Nov 2015: Hungarian championship 6 hours: new PB mit 74.5 km, 5th place
  • Jul 2016: Austrian Championship 24 hours: 180 km, 9th place Absolute (2. in Alterskategorie)

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