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Reach new heights of performance with the vital monitor

Mit dem Vitalmonitor zu neuen Höchstleistungen

I'm Dominik, 28 years old and have been addicted to racing cycling for 8 years.

The first few years were extremely slow because I started exercising as a former heavy smoker who went from 0 to 100. After 5 years, I decided to get a trainer who introduced me to the vital monitor for the first time. Unfortunately, this collaboration worked poorly and I ended my season completely burned out in the spring of 2020.

The new beginning with the Vitalmonitor and Berny Schimpl

In autumn 2020 I took part in Berny Schimpl's online training courses and did a 1-month trial training session with him. I quickly noticed that the combination of Vitalmonitor + Berny appealed well to me and the collaboration was intensified. My motivation for cycling came back and my performance increased from month to month.

2021 - a successful racing season

I am currently in the “offseason” and I can look back on a successful season. Thanks to the vital monitor and Berny's help, I was able to achieve new peak performance and finish most races in the top 10.

Thanks to the vital monitor method, I am fitter and more motivated than ever. My performance level has increased extremely and even after 6 days of training I can still perform well. For me, the vital monitor is my second gut feeling and the best investment in years.

The build-up for the 2022 season will begin in a few weeks and I hope to improve my performance again and achieve one or two wins.

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