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My path to efficient training

Mein Weg zu effizientem Training

As an amateur cyclist, I have been looking for a way to improve my performance for a long time. First and foremost, I wanted to train more efficiently.
Rigid training plans and fixed guidelines are not the solution for me - training should also be fun. Road cycling is my hobby and I don't think much of it if you have to constantly torture yourself.
A few years ago I accidentally became aware of the vital monitor, but at the time I thought it was only for top athletes. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​purchasing such a thing somehow always remained in the back of my mind.

Every beginning is hard

In the summer of 2020 I finally treated myself to a vital monitor as a birthday present. At first I was skeptical, the measurement results weren't particularly positive, the stress level was high, even though I didn't feel any stress. In the first few weeks the result was almost always “regenerative training” or “no training”. Not a satisfactory situation and it was clear that I had to start somewhere else before I could train “properly” again. I started building routines into my life. Get up earlier and start the day differently than before. I also used the Vitalmonitor online training courses to be able to better interpret the measured values.

routine and experience

A short time later my values ​​improved and I was able to train intervals again. Ultimately, my performance on the bike also improved significantly. The vital monitor is now part of my daily morning routine. With a little experience I can influence my everyday life to have a positive result. This means I know what I have to do the day before if I want to train more intensively the next day.

A great product that I can recommend to every hobby and/or health athlete.

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