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Steff Zitz deutet mit seinen Händen auf einen Punkt am Boden

My name is Steff, I am 42 years old and have been working with the Vitalmonitor since 2019. I've tried many sports, from ice hockey, tennis, kickboxing to CrossFit. For a long time I was of the popular opinion that “exercise helps balance out a stressful job.” Which unfortunately wasn't necessarily the case with CrossFit as it put even more stress on my body and put me in a pretty difficult situation.

Steff Zitz with his passion, CrossFit.

Combine job, everyday life and training

When I trained as a fitness and personal trainer in 2018, I came into contact with the vital monitor for the first time. I was immediately interested in the concept of using heart rate variability to see what my physical condition is and, above all, how much training my body can tolerate today. This could help me achieve a good balance between my job, everyday life and training. I bought the Vitalmonitor, attended the Vitalmonitor training courses and ultimately decided to work with Berny as my coach.

My goal is to exercise every day, be it running, hiking, strength training, cycling or a session in my own CrossFit garage box. If my values ​​are really not good, I do a quiet yoga session. While yoga isn't my thing, I've found that it improves my stats quickly and is good for my mobility.

The right dosage

Thanks to the “stress dosage” provided by the vital monitor, I can train every day and don’t need to take a two-day break because the last session was too intense. My bioage value is that of a 24 year old, even though I'm over 40. In 2020 I ran my first half marathon at the Wings for life Run, even though long runs were never my goal. My goals are to continue to improve, be it in running, cycling, squats or bench presses, and to have good basic fitness for everything that I might want to try, whether in sports or everyday life.

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