Success Story

With the Vitalmonitor I have achieved my athletic goals!

Eine Frau lächelt nach dem Berlin Marathon zufrieden in die Kamera.

I reached my marathon goal and lowered my BioAge: the Vitalmonitor makes it possible!

This is how it all began

I discovered the Vitalmonitor by chance, while I had set myself the goal of participating in a marathon in Berlin. Before I decided to use the Vitalmonitor, I trained according to fixed training plans based on a lactate test. The combination of a stressful job and the amount of training necessary for a marathon meant that I felt permanently tired and regeneration was often too short.

The Vital Monitor has convinced me

With the Vitalmonitor, you get an impressive demonstration of how the body reacts to stress. An essential finding is that emotional stresses or challenges actually cause measurable physical reactions. This allows one to consciously deal with approaches to change. The Vitalmonitor also shows how the body responds to stress stimuli through training.

How I use the vital monitor

By the way, I measure 2 times a day with the Vitalmonitor and these approx. 5 minutes each time are also already a habitual pause with conscious breathing and are already automatically part of the daily routine. My coach Berny Schimpl gives me daily feedback and tasks for the training based on my measurement with the Vitalmonitor. This very short daily exchange is a great motivation for me to train, but also to take good care of myself.

Less is more!

When training, I have the feeling that I train less intensively with the Vitalmonitor and am not as exhausted as before. In preparation for the Berlin Marathon 2017, where I reached my goal of 3:59, I was able to significantly reduce my bio-age with the controlled training and keep the regeneration, visible with the Vitalmonitor, at a good level despite a high professional workload. Above all, I could see that sufficient sleep is a decisive factor for good physical (and also mental) regeneration.

At the moment, my values are unfortunately not quite so great, there is too much to do, also some celebrations and too little sleep contribute to the fact that my bio-age has increased. But the vital monitor always gives me an indication of where I stand and what training is appropriate at the moment. The decision to implement it, of course, always remains with oneself.

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