Success Story

Never again without a Vitalmonitor!

Ein Läufer rennt den Strand entlang.

The Vital Monitor has helped us to structure our training more clearly.

Clear training specifications through the vital monitor

In December 2015, at just over 40 we signed up at the gym. Our training was to include endurance and strength training, but mainly deal with endurance training.Wir setzten uns daher für das Training folgende Ziele:

  • Main goal: More fitness, condition and endurance for everyday life.
  • Less fatigue and more power

One question, ten different answers

But how do we train properly? How often, how long and how intensively should we train? How much strength training and how much endurance training? Questions over questions! If you talk to 10 people you will get 10 different opinions. If you read on the Internet in various forums it is similar. How do we as laymen know what is right and what is wrong? Who can we turn to? After all, it is about our body and our health.

In the whole thing and therefore a main criterion was always to keep an eye on the heart rate. There is a rule of thumb here, but how would we know if it would apply to our body and state of health? It was and still is important to us not to damage our body, but to do something good for it through training.

The solution

After a few, reasonably successful and rather moderate months of training, we toyed with the idea of having a Latkat test performed in April 2016. It was important to us to determine the heart rate for the training, which is adapted to our body, and to be able to control and design the training accordingly. In this context, we also became aware of the Vitalmonitor. After a short training in the application areas of the Vitalmonitor, we were convinced and purchased a Vitalmonitor in the same month. From then on we took our daily measurements and designed our training according to the training recommendations of the Vitalmonitor. Bernhard Schimpl, scientific director at Vitalmonitor, helped us to interpret the measurement results correctly.

The training success

Since Richard keeps a record of every activity (every endurance and every strength training), he has a corresponding overview of his performance success, which we of course don't want to deprive you of. Here is an excerpt in tabular form:

Date Km/h on treadmill     Ø HR Weight in kg
01.2016 8,0 156 75,2
04.2016 9,0 155 71,5
07.2016 9,5 150 64,1
10.2016 10,0 152 62,5
01.2017 10,2 149 61,5
04.2017 10,5 149 60,6
07.2017 12,0 152 60,5

It was also noteworthy that his resting heart rate decreased from about 65 beats/min to about 55 beats/min during the morning measurements.


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