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Back to the top of the world with the Vitalmonitor!

Zwei Seglerinnen bei vollem Einsatz auf dem Wasser

You can rely on the Vitalmonitor - no matter what sport!

How it all began

I have been with the Vital Monitor since the early days! :-) At the beginning I had some doubts, but they were taken away very quickly. Out of an invitation I flew to Canada, to my rowing colleagues at that time. I was able to train there with the national team for a month, but in retrospect I had to realize that at that time I simply wasn't mature enough to "survive" this training workload of the general class. This was certainly compounded by a festering white tooth and my stubbornness to want to bite through.

World Championships and the Vital Monitor

With the help of the vitality monitor, I felt my way up to the stress levels day by day and was able to regain a feeling for my body and its performance. Despite a "broken" winter, I managed to catch up with the world's best again. In the following year, 2013, I reached the 6th place in the final of the U23 World Championships in women's single sculling.

The vital monitor is versatile

Even now, 4 years later, I can still rely on the Vitalmonitor, or rather rely on it again, this time in a different sport. In 2017, I decided to focus on Olympic sailing in the 49FX women's class. This means a big change for me and especially for my body. With multiple sessions in a row, little rest, and the requirements to stay fast, clear headed, and more persistent in the long run, I had to change a lot of my old training methods. This especially messes up my biorhythm that I had trained for over 11 years. But with the help of a small monitoring device, the Vitalmonitor, I can build up here in the long term and constantly and at the same time concentrate fully on the training on the water.

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