Success Story

The clear answers from the vital monitor

Die deutlichen Antworten vom Vitalmonitor

I purchased my vital monitor in 2016. After I was physically exhausted for 3 years in a row at other training institutes because of the training from July onwards and a colleague told me about the vital monitor.

The new training with the vital monitor and Berny Schimpl quickly showed that I had to take it a little more relaxed than before.

The vital monitor is needed

In October 2018, the purpose of the vital monitor became even clearer when I broke my collarbone, wrist and several fingers during the Crocodile Trophy. For three weeks after taking measurements in the morning, I could see that my body had not yet processed the surgery and anesthesia. Berny adapted my training to my values ​​and I was able to slowly improve and build up my form again.

It became very clear a second time due to the Corona lockdown, which had an immense impact on my mental state, which was reflected in the measurements. Because I was self-employed and our hotel was closed, the burden was quite high. Again, my training sessions were adapted to the measurement results and recovery was ensured quickly.

My successes

My successes since training with the Vitalmonitor and Berny Schimpl include several podium places in my age group in various stage races such as the Crocodile Trophy, Mouflon Tracks and Sudety Challenge in Poland and in one-day races.

So I can only recommend the vital monitor.

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