My life with the Vital Monitor


How my life changed with the Vitalmonitor:

Fire and flame for the vitalmonitor

Through frequent contact with Berny Schimpl (trainer-coach-mentor), I was as an active cyclist (70% MTB, 30% road bike) fire and flame for the new thing, the Vitalmonitor, and the possibilities of training control. I immediately tried out the first chest strap and took the first measurements with the mobile app. Based on the measurements, my trainer was able to adapt the training plan.

Diagnosis multiple sclerosis

Of course, my medical history was also taken into account in the evaluation of the results. Until 2008 I was extremely unathletic, then within 8 months I lost 40 kilos and started cycling, then in 2011 came a devastating diagnosis: encephalomyelitis disseminata, i.e. multiple sclerosis. As much as this threw me off track in the short term, it was of course also exciting from the point of view of HRV measurements. With Berny's help, I was able to control very precisely what was good for me and what was not.

No more disease flare-ups!

However, the type and amount of training did not affect the measurements to the same extent as colleagues and friends who trained similarly. My curves were rather flat - successes in HRV were short-lived and the biological age of 80 years was not exactly a hit. But: in view of my illness (numerous MS relapses despite daily injections with Copaxone) I completely changed my diet and began to do without sugar, cereals, dairy products, meat, and lo and behold, on the Vitalmonitor Berny could observe exactly my steps and the change. Although again only small deflections and without longer effects on the evaluations, but still visible. My bio-age sometimes drops slightly to 76 - but rattles back to 78 - 80 after a short time, so the deadweight effects are completely absent. In terms of health, however, it went permanently steeply upwards! No more relapses, no colds or illnesses and that for more than 3 years now).
Currently, my training is adjusted daily. Depending on the result of the morning measurement, the training is designed. And via the biofeedback function I sleep better and regenerate faster.

My conclusion

The fact is - and this is undeniable - that both Berny's coaching and the more than 2300 measurements have made me a healthier, more efficient person. Above all, it has taught me to listen better to my body and massively improved my physical and mental health. In that sense, a great credit to Pulse7/Vitalmonitor and I am certainly not an isolated case. This is something you can be very proud of. Thank you and see you soon.


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