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From pulse measurement to the vital monitor

Vitalmonitor Erfolgsstory

My story of how I got into heart rate monitoring and subsequently the Vital Monitor

I learned about the pulse monitor on the radio, I think it was a program from Radio OÖ. at lunchtime, presented by Wolfgang Lehner. I have been involved with heart rate monitoring for about 35 years (I am 55 years old myself). With the first pulse meters brand Casio (cost at that time still about 2,000, - shillings) the pulse was measured at the side of the clock with fingerprint, one can imagine how inaccurate the measurement was at that time. Keeping calm was a must, and that during strenuous sports! Again and again stop, hold still etc. That is history.
I have been looking for a measurement method for a long time to be able to measure my fitness level and also my regeneration. I myself have often done a lactate measurement on the treadmill. Well, amateurishly, because I didn't understand the correlation between load and regeneration. The Vitalmonitor came just in time for me to know what happens in the body during and after sports. I have been using the Vitalmonitor since its introduction. Except for a few presumed hiccups, where I suddenly turned 70 (Bio Age), everything has always gone well.

I am also one of those who have worse values right after getting up than when going to bed. In bed, the measurement was more comfortable, but the values were unfortunately not so motivating if you want to train specifically. It is very interesting for me that sometimes with less training, you have a more effective workout and thus achieve better results. I didn't really want to believe that before I bought the Vitalmonitor, but it's actually true. My personal successes were that I could reduce the Bio Age by almost 20 years. If that doesn't motivate you, what will?
Fortunately, I am relatively healthy, so I will continue to do sports. When I retire, I would like to try to look more closely at the subject of sport and regeneration after sport. An appeal to the whole team of Vitalmonitor: Please keep it up, it's a great thing. Current postscript: I am currently in Croatia and ride my bike between 30 and 50 kilometers every day, in these 10 days alone the Bio Age has changed from 48 years to 44 years.

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