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Years of experience with the vital monitor

Andreas bei seiner Leidenschaft, dem Trail Running

Andreas has been using the vital monitor for several years - you can read his history here .


4 years after my first blog post, I am still training with the vital monitor and my trainer is still Berny Schimpl.
Thanks to this controlled training, I am almost never injured and I cover 4,000-5,000 kilometers a year.

Since 2018, I've switched primarily to ultra trail running. I only run marathons occasionally anymore - I reduced my best time to 2h49min at the Linz Marathon in 2019.

On the trails I almost always go with Tobias Hoffelner as a team of two.

Tobias trains just like me with the vital monitor and with Berny Schimpl.

We are the Leopoldschlag running duo and have taken part in many events and challenges in recent years.

The running duo Leopoldschlag, Andreas and Tobias.

Previous successes with the vital monitor

We finished the Transalpinrun this year in 17th place out of 300 participating teams of two . Here we crossed the Alps from Austria to Italy (Kleinwalsertal to Prad am Stilfserjoch) in 7 daily stages (235 km and 13,400 meters altitude).
In addition, this year we took part in the Brixen Dolomites Ultra Trail (70 km/4000 hm), which we were able to finish in 5th place overall (3rd in the men's category) in a well-filled starting field.

We also finished the Transalpinrun 2018 in 33rd place out of 300 teams. In 2019 we were in 5th and 6th place at the Mozart 100 on the ultra distance over 63 km and were therefore the best Austrians. We also successfully completed the Großglockner Ultratrail GGUT over a distance of 110 km and an altitude of 6,500 meters together in 2019.

We also plan projects and charity events ourselves. In November 2019, we organized the “Martini 24 Hour Run” at our home in Leopoldschlag and collected several thousand euros for Lebenshilfe. We covered 144 km with 6000 meters of altitude in 24 hours.

But our most special project in 2020 was “From Up to high” ! Since all running events were canceled in the Corona year 2020, we came up with this ultra challenge.
The aim was to walk from our hometown of Leopoldschlag (in the very north of Austria/Czech border) to the summit of the Großglockner within 7 days. The route is approximately 360 km with 13,000 meters of altitude. We didn't walk completely on the road here, but directly over the mountains wherever we could. So we crossed the Traunstein and the Dachstein massif and at the end we went over the Stüdlgrat to the highest point in Austria.

Conclusion on the vital monitor

I can recommend the vital monitor to every ambitious athlete. Although you have to measure twice every day (in the morning and after training), you are never in danger of overtraining, you can detect infections early on and can therefore monitor your health in the long term.

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