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From casual jogger to successful runner!

Roland läuft auf einer Rennbahn in einem Stadion

Why I believe in the Vitalmonitor method!

My name is Ronald and today I will tell you how I came to the Vitalmonitor. Sport has accompanied me basically my whole life! As a child I had once a short guest performance in athletics and with 20 I devoted myself with skin and hair to soccer! Then in 2010 came the turn to running!

From jogger to runner

I don't remember exactly when, but it was a late summer day. On TV there was a report about the Paralympics, which took place in London this year! Since I am almost blind myself, I thought to myself: "I want to go there too! After a short time and some examinations later, I was registered with the Austrian Disabled Sports Association and theoretically eligible to start.Quickly, a funny "through-the-counter-jogger" became an ambitious runner! After a short time, however, it was clear that I would not get very far on my own. Then Bernhard Schimpl was recommended to me. After a short conversation about my current state and goals, it was clear to me: this is my man!

Why I train with the Vitalmonitor

Since the end of 2013, I then got my training plans 1x per month!  My performance could be increased by this already. Bernhard then made me aware that there was something to optimize my training. Curious as I am, we met and he told me about the Vitalmonitor.

I was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. The principle is actually quite simple. After a morning measurement of my vital values, the Vitalmonitor sees how I'm currently physically on, whether diseases are approaching and also whether I overdid it once the day before ;-) and can adjust the training exactly to my needs the same day!

Future: podium finishes and European championships

I haven't been to the Olympics yet, but I'm aiming to take part in the European Championships for people with disabilities next year. Improvements in performance have been quickly recognizable due to the optimized training. Among other things, I have already been able to celebrate several overall victories in popular races. Thanks to my coach Berny and the Vitalmonitor method, I am also regularly on the podium in the AK.

Of course, it is important not to lose sight of your goals. And above all, it should be fun!

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