Success Story

Initial skepticism and subsequent success!

Ein junger Mann sitzt auf seinem Motocross Bike und lächelt in die Kamera

How the Vitalmonitor helped me to combine sport with my everyday life!

My name is Philipp, I am 25 years old and became aware of the Vitalmonitor through my fitness trainer Bernhard Schimpl. Berny had already been taking excellent care of me for several years. Finally, he recommended me this wonder thing, which I can no longer imagine my everyday life without!

Initial skepticism

I have been using the Vitalmonitor for about 1.5 years now and was quite skeptical at first. How is it supposed to work? Is it really true what the vital monitor measures? Can I trust the output values? In the end, I trusted my trainer Berny and have since been able to improve the quality and efficiency of my training with the Vitalmonitor. The Vitalmonitor signals upcoming illnesses, lets me prevent injuries and train without "burning out".

Daily training recommendations

Combined with the daily data exchange that takes place via the Vitalmonitor app, this is an unbeatable combination. My trainer Berny prescribes my training every day based on my current measurement and values. I use the Vitalmonitor daily: in the morning as well as after training. From time to time I also do a biofeedback measurement before going to bed to check my HRV and to see how my regeneration compares to the next morning. Since I work in shifts, it is important for me to see how my training fits in with my work and my health.

My training

I've been passionately riding motocross for about 5 years and have also been competing in races and championships for about 3.5 years. In this sport a high fitness level is a must! On the one hand a good endurance and on the other hand a lot of strength endurance and balance is required. It is also important to sit on the bike as often as possible and maintain the feeling for it while getting faster.

To be fit enough for this sport I do a lot of running and cover between 70 and 100 km per week. In total I train almost every day and so I get 10-12h per week. Running gives me great pleasure and occasionally I take part in competitions. Through the Vitalmonitor my fitness has improved significantly and I am even more motivated to become faster. This higher fitness level has also helped me to become faster on the bike and to hold out longer.

I used to go to my absolute physical limit in every one of my workouts and was often very drained and tired afterwards. The vital monitor has helped me analyze my physical condition and now decides for me how intensively I can and should actually ride. Once I am less fit, I put more emphasis on my riding technique or line choice. Based on my experience, I can only confirm that the Vitalmonitor is the optimal solution for me and my sport and I could no longer imagine it without this "wonder thing"!

My successes

  • 3rd place OÖ Cup overall 2015 - Hobby MX1
  • 3rd place Ernecker Cup overall 2016 - MX1
  • 7th place OÖ Cup National Championship 2016
  • 8th place OÖ Cup overall ranking 2016 - MX Open
  • 1st place Dreikönigslauf Schildorn 2017
  • 1st place Int. 7 Brückenlauf Zwettl a. Rodl 2017
  • 2nd place Planet Run Hellmonsödt 2017
  • 2nd place Granitmann Kirchschlag 2017
  • 2nd place Donaulauf Ottensheim 2017

Look into the future

My goal is to finish in the top 3 in the national motocross championship and to win some hobby cups. I would also like to get better at running and run a half marathon under 1:20:00.

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