Interpersonal problems stress the heart

Emotionale Beziehungen stressen unser Herz
Emotional stress puts a strain on the heart!

I had two exciting experiences with the Vitalmonitor in the last few days. First - and this is the decisive insight of the week: nothing seems to upset my body, especially my heart, as much as emotional stress. After an unpleasant interpersonal incident last Sunday, my readings plummeted. My values have never been so bad - especially so constantly bad - before, not even after really strenuous training sessions. I still haven't really recovered from that event, which I can tell by the fact that it's the last thought I have when I go to bed and the first thought I have when I get up. I think I'm going to start incorporating more meditation and breathing exercises into my workout schedule again, especially in the evenings and mornings when I feel like I'm beat. I hope to get back into balance and back to rosier readings quickly by doing this.

Regeneration after yoga

The second experience I have made today in the lunch break. Since I noticed that, strangely enough, I have only measured after running training, but not after the yoga sessions, I started a first attempt today. The program consisted primarily of support exercises (arm balances), which stress the strength, and headstand exercises, which get the circulation going and provide new energy. The rest measurement before the small unit was already not bad. But I was surprised that the measurement directly after the not unstrenuous workout was even better. I can't quite explain it. After my running rounds, I have not yet received such a result. Maybe it is because in yoga the connection of breathing and physical exercise plays a very important role, i.e. the conscious breathing is trained. Of course, a single such measurement result is not yet really meaningful. Accordingly, in the next few days I will not only carry out measurements before yoga, but also consciously afterwards. Who knows: Maybe it will turn out that yoga is even much more beneficial than I had previously assumed.

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