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Conclusion after 5 weeks of Vitalmonitor use

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My experience on Vitalmonitor usage:

It's been a good five weeks since I started using the Vitality Monitor. While I initially had some difficulties integrating the measurement into my daily routine, it has long since become a natural part of it. So naturally that on some days I think about whether I have taken the morning measurement or not. I think this is an unmistakable sign that the Vitalmonitor has become an integral part of my life.

There is still much to discover

I really appreciate the Vitalmonitor as a monitoring system, but I have the feeling that it still says much more than I understand so far. When I check the graphs in my profile, I primarily focus on the hard facts in the left column (regeneration, training recommendation, stress, etc.). I usually fade out the right column. I haven't quite got the hang of reading this data yet. Every now and then I take a section and google a bit about it. Here it would be helpful to get information delivered with the product to be able to decipher this data without a trainer or doctor. Unfortunately, the 25-minute product video is a bit unwieldy to look something up on the fly due to its length. At the same time, it's too short to delve into a topic. The "Terms" section also spits out a bit too little information. I think that especially if you have been working with the Vitalmonitor for a longer period of time, you will want more detailed information at some point, which goes beyond the general basics.

And the bio-age decreases

According to the product video, the Vital Monitor needs some time (about 30-60 morning measurements) to be able to make concrete statements about the Bio-Age based on the data. I have not yet collected enough measurement results, but I am already observing the constant decline of the Bio-Age with great interest. With great interest and great joy, because the initial 40.3 years were somewhat frustrating. But everything is half as bad. Even after a month we are still getting used to each other, the vital monitor and me.

Conclusion after 5 weeks

All in all, I am very satisfied with the product. After a short time, the measurements simply belonged to it and were no longer perceived as annoying. On the contrary, I am becoming more and more interested in my heart and the data that the Vitalmonitor provides me about it. Sometimes I even strap it on during the workday to see how the "normal madness" affects my body. However, a bit of residual overload has remained so far due to the many different graphs and technical terms that haven't really wanted to take root in my head yet. There is simply a lot to learn about the heart - and the Vitalmonitor provides the appropriate impulses to get on the track of this mystery. But I am not only satisfied with the Vitalmonitor, also with myself. My results are - despite some outliers - constantly positive. It's a good feeling to be in harmony with yourself and your body and to be able to regularly establish a connection with your own life motor, your heart.

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