How yoga helped me improve my recovery

Yoga und Regeneration
How yoga helped me improve my recovery

As reported in the last post, I found that after a yoga workout, my resting heart rate as well as recovery status are better than before the workout. Curious if the one result was a coincidence, I started a small test series. Admittedly, this is still too short to be able to make a reliable statement. However, I have made the same observation after every workout so far. Actually, I could have really started after the yoga, so good were the results. So there must be more to it than just coincidence.

Yoga: my vacation from everyday life

The fact that I feel much better after yoga than before and that the workout fills my energy reserves instead of emptying them is actually nothing new. Especially on stressful workdays, small yoga breaks are my oasis of calm. The vital monitor has "merely" confirmed my feeling. Two things could be the reason for this circumstance: First, breathing plays a very important role in yoga. On the one hand, breathing is an anchor that grounds you and brings you back down to earth when everything goes haywire in your head. At the same time, you can also establish a very good connection to the physical and emotional actual state through breathing. Secondly, the positive effect on the measurement results could be due to the fact that the mind automatically switches to "vacation from (stressful) everyday life" during yoga, instead of to sporting activity and exhausting oneself, as is the case with endurance and strength training. Would be interesting to know if other users have had similar experiences with physical activities that are actually also strenuous but not perceived that way - gardening, for example. In any case, I will continue my series of tests and am already curious to see what comes out of it.

About the new app

"Never change a running system" is actually the saying. But there's nothing wrong with the new Vitalmonitor app. The advantage of the new measurement display: You no longer have the feeling that the morning measurement takes a long time - because the rest and breath measurements are portioned. The advantage of the new evaluation: The fact that the curves are neutrally blue and no longer alternate between orange, red and green, analogous to the traffic light system, no longer gives the impression of a warning system. The fact that the right column with the additional graphs has been condensed is also good. The new style is appealing. In addition, the possibility to display different parameters in an overlay mode is super - as is the extended comment function. However, what's missing from the new evaluation are the barometers, which previously showed you the result very strikingly at a glance in the left column. I'm going to miss those a bit. However, it's a great consolation that my Bio-Age is much better since I switched to the new app - so I've gained 10 precious years of life in just a few hours ;-)

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