Sleep duration and regeneration

Schlafdauer und die Regeneration
The Vitalmonitor as an expert in terms of sleep quality and regeneration!

A cool feature of the new app is the information on sleep duration, sleep quality and mood, which then also appear in the statistics as separate curves. Especially if you look at all three factors together. I think there will be some exciting aha experiences - like last weekend. I was on the road and slept in a hotel away from home. After Friday had been exhausting with travel and a long walk through the city, I allowed myself 10 hours of sleep for a change. The interesting thing is: I slept - felt - very bad, because shallow and restless. (The bed: hard and uncomfortable. In addition, there was a loudly arguing family in the hallway in front of our room, as well as guests who might not have quite understood the meaning of a door handle yet...) In the morning, I didn't really feel refreshed - which, by the way, is often the case when I sleep more than 7-8 hours. My measurement results, however, attested me a good regeneration as not for a long time (120%).

What do the experts say?

Although Manfred Walzl, a sleep expert at the Provincial Nerve Clinic in Graz, says in a Standard report, "The old rule of thumb still applies: women need between eight and nine hours of sleep, men between seven and eight hours." According to some online articles, however, there is no blanket recommendation for sleep duration. More important, they say, is sleep quality. To this end, the cited article says: "Experts understand sleep quality as the regular division of sleep into its different stages. Per sleep cycle, a distinction is made between non-REM sleep and REM sleep. If the relationship between the sleep stages within a cycle is correct, then one can be well rested even after four hours of sleep." The Vitalmonitor thus quite obviously does not measure the subjectively perceived sleep quality to determine the regeneration status, but rather the objective result of the sleep stage ratio. What effect did this have - at least on that Saturday morning? That I was so pleased with the good measurement results that the hard bed and the noisy room were not so bad the next night. And with it the subjective quality of sleep. In any case, there was the biggest smiley face for it on Sunday.

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