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Mit dem Vitalmonitor konnte ich mein BioAge senken!

With the Vital Monitor, I was able to lower my BioAge!

The Vital Monitor helps me to evaluate influences on my life! Shock: BioAge 80 years! After I noticed after the first Vitalmonitor measurements that my biological age (80 years) clearly excee...

BioAgeDen Weg nach unten durchbrechen

How I broke the downward spiral

The Vital Monitor helped me restore my body confidence and get through my illness! Diagnosis burnout My name is Georg. Since 2007 I am a passionate and ambitious mountain biker. At the beginn...

BioAgebiologisches Alter senken

When I lowered my biological age from 61.8 to 33.9

Incredible change: Klemens lowered his bio-age by 28 years! I used to be athletic, with 3 times of endurance training per week. Later 4 times strength. I did that for years. During my studie...