Vital monitor makes weather sensitivity measurable

Wetterfühligkeit messbar
The Vitalmonitor as my personal weatherman!

May seems to be the extended April - it also does what it wants, and brings alternately bright, hot summer days and shortly after again rain and cold. This not only affects our mood, but also makes itself felt physically in many people. I am also one of those who suffer from weather sensitivity. If you admit this without having serious symptoms such as migraines, you often have the feeling that you are not really being taken seriously. Weather sensitivity - also called meteoropathy - is a well-known phenomenon that many people complain about. But especially when weather changes "only" make themselves felt in the form of a slight but persistent feeling of malaise, they hardly seem worth mentioning. You tend to be ridiculed for it - by others, but most of all by yourself. A little dizzy in the head? The running shoes are laced up anyway - and afterwards everything is even worse. Maybe that's why weather sensitivity is such a thing, because it hasn't really been researched medically yet, according to my research. Is it all just imagination? I say no.

It's good that Vitalmonitor exists to back up my opinion with facts.

It works a bit like the weatherman: When the weather changes drastically, it very clearly shows the effects on my physical well-being, often already a day or two before. Slight pressure in the head, tiredness and listlessness become measurable - and are suddenly no longer just "imagination". Longer recovery times (despite conscious breaks), increased resting pulse, increased stress level - the now familiar signs of a body that is not quite in balance. What helps against this? Allowing yourself to rest, waiting for the weather to normalize, and taking things as they are - even if that's not easy. As a preventive measure, it is said to help to accustom the body to rapid temperature changes by taking regular saunas and alternating baths. Will that help? It's worth a try. Who wants to give up training because of diffuse discomfort!

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