The Vital Monitor shows how nutrition affects stress!

Ernährung kann Stress verursachen
The Vital Monitor measures how nutrition affects the body!

On Mother's Day, the time had finally come: the barbecue season was officially ushered in. Now a few wonderful months await again, tasting like belly meat, baked potatoes, herb butter baguette, Greek salad and much more. The emphasis is probably not only in my case on "many more".... Because sports and nutrition go hand in hand and both influence the fitness of body and mind, I took the culinary beginning of summer as an opportunity for a small test series. For a few days now, I have been regularly checking my regeneration status as well as my resting pulse and stress level before and after meals with the help of the Vital Monitor. As a person who is prone to massive mood clouding ("hunger grant") when hypoglycemic, I thought that my pre-meal values would certainly not be the best. I also assumed that eating would take a toll on the body - as we all know. However, I would never have thought how massive this effort is, which is necessary for eating and digesting! And we're not even talking about fatty pork belly fresh off the grill followed by Mother's Day cake with cream. As it turns out, even a breakfast of two slices of bread, an apple and a cup of herbal tea is an enormous challenge for the body. The two measurements, which were usually 30-45 minutes apart, were seriously different: in the morning, for example, regeneration dropped from 99 percent to 36 percent while resting pulse rose from 62 to 84 and stress from 0 to 89. In the lunch break and in the evening, the results were similar - except for those evenings when there was only a yogurt or fruit instead of a full meal. Basically, I could not see any differences in terms of time of day and food. It is quite possible that a distinction can be made here in terms of the length of time the body needs to digest or to get going again after the meal. If there is interest, the study could be extended and additional measurements taken at certain intervals after the meal to find out which foods make the body work less. Certainly not every body reacts the same way. But there is one thing I know now: The soup coma definitely exists!

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