When I lowered my biological age from 61.8 to 33.9

biologisches Alter senken

Incredible change: Klemens lowered his bio-age by 28 years!

I used to be athletic, with 3 times of endurance training per week. Later 4 times strength. I did that for years. During my studies it was no problem. I could manage my time relatively freely and only a few weeks per semester were really stressful. But at some point, working life catches up with you. After all, you can't study forever.
It still works at first. You work your way in, have time to do sports on the side, and think you'll stay that way. But as time goes by, the workload increases, the tasks grow, the time dwindles and with it the motivation. Individual missed workouts become more and more, and at some point a sports unit is the exception rather than the rule.You eat just as much as before - after all, the muscles get smaller, but not the stomach. You gain a little weight - very slowly. So that you don't notice it right away. With every kilo, sports become even more strenuous, there's more to do at work and the couch becomes more and more comfortable. At some point, you only know sports from television.

My new job

Sometime was the end of 2014 for me. I had been working at Pulse7 for a few months - there was a lot to do (if you know the first website, you know what I mean). I had a gym membership - but never saw the inside of it. At some point shortly after I started working at Pulse7, Martin put a vital sign monitor in my hand and said, "There, take it and measure with it." And that's exactly what I did. I was young and critical and first had to be convinced that the thing really worked. And that was not so easy - especially not after the first measurements. At that time, you still had to take 7 morning measurements to even get results displayed (yes, we've come a long way ;-). But what I saw then did not convince me of the correct function of the vital monitor:

BIOAGE: 46 years

All right, I didn't do any sports. I admit that. I didn't eat a particularly healthy diet either. But a biological age of 46? That's 16 years older than my actual age. But that was just the beginning. In addition to no sports and a mediocre diet, there was also professional stress. There was a lot to do, and it was best to do it all at once. Thus my biological age increased during the next months until shortly before retirement age. At some point I did the same as some of our customers and simply closed my eyes to the problem. What I do not see is not there! From now on, there were simply no more vital monitor measurements after getting up. Well, now I didn't feel better directly, but at least I didn't have the problem on the screen every day.

The new app

But at some point, the new app came along. We fiddled around for months, came up with a logic, designed functions, checked everything with our graphic designer and a handful of test users to make sure it made sense. We were cheering along with the programmers, tested everything a hundred times - and at some point the longed-for moment arrived: the release of the new app. We had invested so much time. We tested everything on different devices to make sure nothing would go wrong. And then, on release day, Excel threw a spanner in the works. We had sent each customer his 16-digit ID, which would be used to recalculate the old measurements. However, Excel rounded the 16th digit. An emotional low blow. For 2 weeks we had round-the-clock support so that all users could make the changeover correctly.The app was released and after so much work, of course I wanted to use it. So I started to measure again. However, nothing has changed in the biological age. Logically, I haven't changed anything in my life. I looked at that for months - without changing anything. When customers tell me today that it would not be so easy to change something decisive in one's own life, then I understand that - probably better than our customers believe.

The turning point

But eventually the day came. The day on which I could no longer look away. It was the 07.07.2015 and my biological age was 61.8 years as high as never before. 60 was the magic age. I didn't want to be that old for decades ;-) Right after I came into work, I went to Berny. He is our scientific director, sees many clients with the Vital Monitor and knows about interventions. He would know what to do.

"Get some exercise!" was his mediocre advice.

"If you're short on time, find something you can fit into your daily routine. Without wasting a lot of time." Incorporating something into everyday life - basically not a stupid idea. After a moment's thought, there was only one option: my bike needed to be reactivated after years of insignificance. Sometime in mid-July, I pulled it off: bike to work every day. 10 km one way. That doesn't sound like much, but it was terribly exhausting, especially in the beginning. In addition, I was not rewarded with a significantly lower bio-age. So I went to again to Berny and said:

"Berny, your tip does not work at all. I've been coming by bike for 2 weeks and I'm still old!"

Berny had to laugh heartily at first. "You haven't challenged your body for ages and now you seriously expect to make up for everything in 2 weeks? Your body is in bad shape and you're putting a strain on it. Your body needs to get back into the swing of things first. It's called a latency period and it can take a couple of weeks." Ok, maybe he wasn't wrong - still, that wasn't what I wanted to hear. So I continued to bike to work for a few more weeks. Not much was happening. Until the beginning of September. Then this happened:
biologisches Alter senken

Holla die Waldfee - it can go on like this. Finally I see results. The daily effort is paying off after all!


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