The vital monitor accompanies my pregnancy!

The vital monitor accompanies my pregnancy!

I am currently in the 25th week of pregnancy and have the great fortune to be able to enjoy this time without complaints. Nevertheless, big changes on the body are noticeable and very well measurable with the Vitalmonitor. For example, the pulse rate increases significantly during pregnancy. On the one hand, this ensures better blood circulation and optimal care for the baby, but on the other hand, it also makes it easier for me to get out of breath during longer runs or more demanding Vinyasa yoga sequences. Towards the end of the pregnancy, this usually subsides. However, the vital monitor still shows significant fluctuations in the generally quite high resting pulse: Even the slightest discomfort leads to an increase. The vital monitor can also be used to track weight gain. Weighing has become as natural a part of my morning ritual as measuring with the Vitalmonitor. (The good thing is that the metabolism in pregnancy is considerable and the somewhat anxious step on the scale is usually surprisingly positive, even after a hunger attack the night before).

Dreams & Stress in the Morning

Emotional changes should also not be ignored. Basically, since the end of the first trimester, I've been experiencing my pregnancy in a high mood, because the permanent fatigue has subsided in the meantime and I feel full of energy. However, if there is a low, it is short but intense. I feel this particularly clearly in the morning. I have already heard from acquaintances that one dreams more during pregnancy and that many dreams are disturbing and frightening. I can only confirm this. Some nights there are even several dreams that I can remember very clearly the next morning - accompanied by short periods of wakefulness. Many of these dreams act as a motivational damper throughout the morning. The vital monitor confirms this: After such nights, the stress level and resting pulse are extremely high, while the regeneration state is correspondingly low. What does science have to say about this? REM sleep (also called dream sleep) accounts for about 20% of total sleep time. During this phase, blood pressure and heart rate can be subject to strong fluctuations. Particularly upon awakening - even if it is only for a very short time - both increase significantly, which causes the heart to work more. In this respect, dreaming is almost a bit like exercising at night. Today was another night of confused dreams and short sleep breaks. The condition in the morning: exhausted. My thought: Actually, the comment function of the Vitalmonitor could be used very well for an emotion and dream diary. It would certainly be interesting to conduct a long-term study of which topics are repeated and what causes the highest release of stress hormones. At the same time, it would certainly help to distance oneself from unpleasant feelings to a certain extent with the observer's gaze and thus to confront them in a more relaxed manner.

A recommendation for all pregnant women

In short, the vital monitor has become an important companion for me during pregnancy. It allows me to track my development transparently over a long period of time. In addition, it shows me very clearly when I've been doing too much sports and work and when breaks are appropriate, or when other external influences (poor sleep due to too much food, etc.) have a negative effect on me and thus on the little one. Accordingly, I can only warmly recommend the Vitalmonitor to all pregnant women - whether athletically ambitious or not!

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