The Linz Marathon is just around the corner!

2 runners about the upcoming Linz Marathon:

Frank Ortler about the Linz Marathon:

One and a half weeks to go to the Linz Marathon.... many morning measurements....many status measurements....many kilometers run...(895km in 2015 to date) ....but not too many! This was ensured, the last months, the training plan of Berny Schimpl and of course the values from the Vitalmonitor.

How the vital monitor knows my body by now is amazing.

Running is always possible!

Ich bin ja teilweise ein wilder Hund. Gelaufen wird IMMER. Auch wenn es hagelt, bei Schneesturm und sich so mancher denkt: So ein Depp! Bei diesem Wetter geht doch niemand nach draußen!!! Auch beim Sturm letzte Woche bin ich laufend unterwegs gewesen. Blaulicht, Feuerwehr überall und so manche Äste und andere Teile sind mir um die Ohren geflogen. ABER... mein Plan MUSS erfüllt werden... die vorgegebenen Kilometer MÜSSEN gelaufen werden..( auch wenn ich zuhause eine auf Deckel bekommen habe, da meine Frau und meine Tochter beim Sturm, im Garten alleine die Sichtschutzwand retten mussten ;-) )

Who does not want to hear must feel!

On March 29 it was different. The vital monitor spit out the worst values ever, and all that would follow. A long jog of 150 min was on the program. Normally I run the 2.5 hours loosely in circles. But the vital monitor has already shown me before breakfast: NO not today! And so it was: the vital monitor was right. I had to stop my run after 2 hours. Also coach Berny Schimpl was not surprised by the miserable run because of the Vitalmonitor values. The last 2 weeks went well again and I'm a bit nervous because the time is running out. The time to the marathon I will try to improve my marathon best time (3:39:44), I will even attach myself to the 3:30:00 pacemaker, or be careful with the 3:45:00 pacemaker.... Now begins the time of calculating, studying maps, thinking about tactics, going crazy. It's good if I'm at the starting line on April 19, because everything will be too late then anyway. Then must be run and the 42.195km want to be brought to the finish.

Stefan Rauchenzauner about the Linz Marathon:

Only two more weeks until I finally stand at the start on the Voest Bridge in Linz and complete my first marathon. My motivation is still unbroken, although pretty much every long Sunday run was snowy or rainy. Maybe it will work out on April 19 with slightly warmer temperatures, "one can hope". To my foot injury I can say "fortunately" that the pain has subsided again or stopped and I can run for 2 weeks without complaints. Of course, the psyche feels better right away.

My training

On 20 March it was time, the 2nd lactate test was in the calendar, I feverishly awaited him with mixed feelings. Was too little training or maybe not? At the first lactate test we agreed on a target time of 3h45min, that should be possible, my coach Bernhard Schimpl said. After this time I had to swallow at first. To finish my first marathon with such a time would be awesome! But inside I only thought: "I hope I will reach the finish line!" I was even more excited about the 2nd evaluation. At this time I had already completely different thoughts, as still a few weeks ago. "Can I keep the proposed finish time or do we have to correct it?" The happy answer, the marathon time changed in a positive direction. 3h30min - was my new goal from now on! I still don't know if I can do it, but according to the lactate test it should work. Finally I got my last training plan and could start the final training and slowly get used to the targeted marathon pace of 5min/km. Finally, it should be mentioned that the second lactate test really showed a very good improvement in performance and the improvement is certainly due to the training plans of Bernhard Schimpl. Of course, we must not forget the support with the Vitalmonitor, with which I know every day already when I get up, how busy or relaxed I am.

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