Linz Marathon: Did not finish is no Option

Linz Marathon
The vital monitor brought me more fitness and endurance!

DNF (Did not finish) is no Option

Yes - you can get a sunburn even in April. Provided you're out in the sun long enough. I was out for a very long time on Sunday at the Linz Marathon. And no, you can't force anything. All the time sheets, mixed magic drinks and other tam-tam are useless: if you don't run, you don't run. The vital monitor already showed me my values clearly on Sunday morning and recommended me: regenerative training. Regenerative? - Today I was supposed to run the Linz Marathon. So I stood on the Voestbrücke before the start, got to know my running colleague from the Vitalmonitor project, Stefan Rauchenzauner, personally and had the opportunity for a little chat. Together we went punctually with the firecracker shot at 9:30 am towards the finish. Only 42,195km to go. The first 10km went by very fast and Stefan and I were running at an average of 5. Target time 3:35:00 was my secret plan. Even at the half marathon mark (1:46:06) a personal marathon best time should still be easy. Stefan had already easily overtaken me at this point and trotted up and away. (Man, it looked loose with him ;) ). The next kilometers went by actually still quite briskly, although I noticed that my initial speed was perhaps a bit too high. At KM 32 then the first pinch in the calf. Shortly at the Labe remained standing - error! Big mistake! When I wanted to run further, both calves cramped up and forced me to a short walking tour. Then at KM 35 then the supergau! Both calves, both thighs: a cramp. This was so violent that it took me from the legs. I could no longer run a step, no longer walk a step. I had already taken my salt tablets at KM 25 but even that didn't help this time. Now I was at KM35. Still 7km to the finish. DNF is no option

My success with the Vital Monitor

With a bisserl slowly run I should come nevertheless at least with 3:44:00 in the finish. I thought. I should get a lot of time to think. The cramps were so violent that every step was torture. So I need almost one hour for the last kilometers. Had not the vital monitor recommended this morning: REG training. I should have listened to him. The motivation of the spectators, my wife, daughter and dog brought me step by step towards the finish. Slowly but steadily. Time was running out and so was my plan B. Plan C at least under 4 hours I still managed. With 3:57:28 I stumbled over the finish line. Despite this disaster run I have to say that the Vitalmonitor and the training plan of Berny Schimpl prepared me very well for the marathon. Without muscular problems, a PB would have been possible. The Vitalmonitor showed me the last months when I should train fully and it also showed me my limits. He knows my body better than I do. According to Vitalmonitor my biological age is now 25,6 years. My actual age: 42 years. For this reason alone, the Vitalmonitor was an asset. It controlled my training sessions, prevented overtraining and brought me more fitness and endurance. I can really recommend the Vitalmonitor to every ambitious hobby athlete (that's what I call myself ;) ).

Full motivation even after the marathon

On the second day after the half marathon, the muscle soreness is still present. But the values according to Vitalmonitor are already rising again. Therefore, I will start today again full of vigor a loose training. Looking back, I can say that the Vitalmonitor works very reliably and very accurately and measures my daily condition very well. It is a great companion for optimization in training. Above all, I personally like the comparison between today and four months ago. My condition has improved a lot and my resting heart rate has also moved down. It was definitely a very intense workout, which I enjoyed a lot. The marathon went very well and I am very happy with my result!

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