Stress factor waking up

Stressfaktor Aufwachen

Stress - already in the morning

Stress - who can actually do without this word in everyday life? Most people probably automatically think of the job, long to-do lists, full schedules and little sleep. Followed by emotional exceptional situations of a private nature. For some people, the stress starts when they get up in the morning. Actually, I have never counted myself among this group. I like to start leisurely, but I would still describe myself as a morning person who starts the new day motivated and fit. That's right, says the Vital Monitor. But only if you give my body at least 15 minutes. After the results of my first morning measurements right after getting up almost worried me a little, I followed the recommendation to take two morning measurements and test how the measurement would turn out about 15 minutes later. The result: Not to be compared! The stress level fluctuated on the test days between 90% directly after getting up and 14% about 20 minutes later. The regeneration status thus dropped to about 35%, while it was 97% just a short time later. Apparently I belong to those 10% of users who need a little time to get going. Good that it's only 15 minutes. Also good that now there's nothing wrong with my morning workout routine. The only bad thing is that I have to give up my beloved morning measurement meditation in bed and find a new measurement routine...

By the way, I find it interesting that it makes no difference whether I get up with the alarm clock during the week or on the weekend when I wake up by myself. In both cases, the morning measurement after waking up interpreted the results as an exceptional situation. It is quite possible that the body automatically switches to "stress" as soon as it is awake on the weekend, because it is so used to it from the other five days. Starting Saturday, I'm treating myself to a week's vacation. I think I will do the double measurement again then on a trial basis. I'm curious to see if the time off makes itself felt and if so, how quickly. And on vacation, I will hopefully have time to physically push myself to my limits. So far, the vital monitor has remained unimpressed even by running units after short, restless nights and intense workdays. I see this as a challenge!

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