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All beginnings are not so hard - the basics

The Vital Monitor helps me to improve my body awareness!

A confession at the beginning: I have my problems with electronic devices. But I thought to myself, "Hey! Chest strap, smartphone, Bluetooth - even you can do it." After all, in the explanatory video, the guy looked quite relaxed while he operated the tool with a few clicks. I was optimistic. The fact that I didn't start right away with the first measurement when the Pulse7 package arrived was actually also more due to the fact that the most important measurements have to be taken in the morning. My morning ritual so far did not include dealing with anything electronic - no matter how complex or simple. Before Pulse7, it went like this: My husband's alarm clock rings, I continue to sleep unimpressed. Once my husband has woken me up, I give my full attention to breakfast. Nothing works without breakfast.

Meditation morning measurement

So it always occurred to me while sitting at the dining table that I should actually have taken the morning measurement. I would never have imagined that these 180 seconds would mean such a big and, above all, difficult change for me. That was the first exciting insight that the vital monitor gave me. Five morning measurements later, I have already integrated the Vitalmonitor perfectly into my morning ritual and I notice that these 180 seconds let me start the day more relaxed. As a yoga trainer, I deal a lot with the effect of breathing on the body. In the meantime, I see the morning measurement as a small meditation. In these three minutes I concentrate on relaxing, waking up, arriving in the here and now. Even this short time is enough to start the day fitter and, above all, more aware.

Training plan and stressors

The vital monitor does not yet have enough morning measurement data to provide reliable results. Seven to ten morning measurements are necessary for the initial calibration. However, I already notice that my regeneration status seems to be surprisingly better between late morning and early afternoon than in the morning. So I am now trying to change my training schedule a bit, which so far has included a first yoga session or light running after breakfast. Also, little sleep and - this most especially - a longer to-do list for the day seem to have an effect on the results. So I've been using the comment function intensively since the beginning, so that I can get a more accurate picture of what's affecting my well-being later on. Of course, one knows the negative effects of such stressors. However, to see this once documented with measurement data and graphically processed in front of you, makes this fact even more clear.

Expectations of the Vital Monitor

My two jobs - yoga instructor and freelance copywriter - make for a very busy schedule. Even though my pregnancy keeps urging me to cut back and take more breaks, I know that I often demand too much of myself and also go for sports more intensively than is sometimes good for me. Simply because I have the feeling that I am fit enough. From the Vitalmonitor I hope to be able to improve my subjective body feeling. My personal goal is a more efficient and therefore healthier time or training management, which increases my well-being. So I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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