2 Minuten 2 Millionen

The Vital Monitor at 2 Minutes 2 Million - Part 2

(c) Gerry Frank

The show

Prepared to the hilt, we drove to Vienna the night before the show. The following day we were supposed to be in the studio from 08:00. I didn't sleep a minute. Martin and Berny were intelligent enough to take Relax Night with them, but I forgot to ask them about it. My values looked accordingly:

Berny, wie immer total entspannt:

Martin more in the direction of human wreck like me ;-) :

Nervousness and hectic

Quick breakfast, drive over to the studio. Wait there again. When you're nervous, every minute lasts twice as long. One after the other we came to the make-up, then to the pre-interview. The moderator asked us what we expected. Of course we want to convince the jury of our vital monitor in which we all believe.

A few more seconds. We are standing in front of the gate into the studio. Take a last breath. Now everything has to work - no hangs, no slips.

3...2...1... The light goes on, the gate opens. We enter the studio. In front of us the jury. Tense faces with them, tense with us. "Dear jury, we are Martin, Berny and Klemens from Vitalmonitor." As rehearsed a hundred times before, we reel off our text. Everything seems to go well. The gong sounds - 2 minutes are up. Berny speaks the last sentence. The worst is over. The first to speak is Heinrich Prokop: "I have a vital monitor myself and I can tell you, this thing works."

Boom, that hit home! Look to the right, look to the left - everyone is grinning like honey cakes. This is going much better than expected, and we haven't even unpacked our secret weapon yet.

Unsere Geheimwaffe

Our secret weapon

In the months leading up to the broadcast, we developed another product: a steering wheel that automatically measures your stress level. Just put your thumb on it and off you go. It would be conceivable, for example, that the setting in the car would adapt to your stress level. Classical music or cool air against high stress levels.

"And this is what we have brought for you," Martin introduces and hands over the stress steering wheel to Leo Hillinger. One after the other, the jurors try out the steering wheel and obviously have fun.

Questions about questions

At least we have already fulfilled the entertainment value. But then came even tougher questions:

"How do you come up with the valuation of €5,000,000?"

At the beginning of 2013 at a turnover of 100.000€ 2 investors joined at 15% each at a valuation of 2.000.000€. Then we doubled the turnover 3 times in a row.

The jury accepts the valuation as justified. Another point checked off. But the next hard question is already waiting:

"Why do I need this measuring device? Can't I just do it over my thumb?"

Let's put it this way: you could actually measure something over your thumb on the smartphone. With an accuracy of 50 milliseconds. That's enough to measure a pulse. Whether your heart beats 59 or 61 times in one minute - it doesn't matter. The heart rate variability that we measure, however, takes place in the millisecond range. The vital monitor scans your heart 500 times a second. When I got up this morning, I had an HRV value of 20 milliseconds. So if I took a thumb reading on my smartphone with an accuracy of 50 milliseconds, I would have a value from 0 (clinically dead) to 50 milliseconds (super regenerated).

To explain all this during the show was quite difficult (you have surely seen this yourself ;-)

The highlight

Now comes the climax: Will anyone invest?

Find out tomorrow in our blog!

All Images (c) Gerry Frank


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