Buy a used vital monitor

What do I have to consider when buying a used vital monitor?

If you buy a used Vitalmonitor Pro, you will see one of the following models:

1. The black Vitalmonitor Pro, which was produced until early 2015.

2. The blue Vitalmonitor Pro, which replaced the black one and was sold until mid-2020.

3. The black FLOW HRV sold from 2017-2021.

4. The new Vitalmonitor Nano, which has been sold since March 2021

You can find the main differences in our Comparison table .

What should you pay attention to regarding the supplied ID?

Each Vitalmonitor ID can only be used once for activation. So if you buy a used Vitalmonitor Pro, make sure to either buy one with an unused ID or order a new ID in the shop. You can find these here:
Vital Monitor Pro
Vital monitor FLOW HRV
Vital monitor Nano

Should I ask for the original invoice?

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, it never hurts to have the original invoice.