About the inner pig, the vital monitor and me

Vom inneren Schweinehund, dem Vitalmonitor und mir

My name is Marlene, I am 26 years old and sport has always been a compulsory torture for me.


In my childhood and youth I was very active and moved quite a lot in games or dance lessons. I always enjoyed that a lot and my urge to move was still pretty high at that time.

With the years and the changing interests this urge to move decreased more and more and when I moved away for my studies and therefore had to leave my club, it was finally over. The only movement I had from then on was walking through the subway stations of Vienna.
Even the fact that I soon met my boyfriend (an enthusiastic athlete and now a sports teacher) did little to change the situation.

I need to change something

When I was back in the more rural area after my studies and started working in an office job I knew I had to change something and needed more exercise. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't be able to maintain my weight and wouldn't be able to get a clear head without fresh air. That was 3.5 years ago by now.

I tried different things: I bought a new bike, downloaded a training plan from the internet, attended a boot camp and even motivated my friends to start running regularly. And although I knew that humans are creatures of habit and have to repeat things more often over a longer period of time to internalize them, it wasn't fun even after several weeks and soon "the air was out" - until I came across the Vitalmonitor.

I can change something

I can't say exactly why it works - maybe it would be too embarrassing to have to tell my Vitalmonitor coach every day that I skipped the workout :D But maybe it's because the intensity of the workout is always adjusted to how I feel at the time. I never felt like I was overworking my body or overwhelmed with the day's task. But my sports workload has increased to DAILY training - virtually from 0 to 100.

It's a lot of fun and I've already made really great progress: I was able to reduce my heart rate while running, I feel fitter and according to BioAge I have become 9 years younger within 4 weeks.

I now hope that the motivation remains and I can also soon (well, in half a year or so) report from my first quarter marathon here on the blog :)

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