Success Story

The vital monitor and I have been an inseparable team for almost 4 years!

Tobias bei einem Trailrun in den Bergen

My name is Tobias, I'm 28 years old and an enthusiastic vital monitor trainer!

Four years ago, when my motivation for football, a sport I had played since my childhood, became increasingly low, I needed a new hobby. Running became more and more important. Initially only on the road, I quickly enjoyed my first trail run. At the same time as this very strong change, getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new, I started training as a fitness trainer. From today's perspective, I can say it was probably the best decision, because Berny Schimpl was one of my trainers during this training. During one of the many lessons he also introduced us to the vital monitor and from that day on the idea of ​​training with it was buzzing around in my head more and more. I quickly decided to contact Berny for a lactate test and also bought a vital monitor. A good decision! Since then, I have been measuring twice a day and Berny chooses the training that is best suited to my body on a daily basis. For me the best training method because this is the only way to combine sport, family, building a house, work, etc.

My development

In the first 2 years, Berny turned a footballer into a runner with the help of the vital monitor. Ultra trail running has now become my great passion and the results are getting better and better.
My running colleague Andreas, who also trains with the vital monitor, and I formed the Leopoldschlag running duo. Since then we have taken part in many ultras under these names. In the last few years we have finished the Transalpinerun twice, 1x Großglockner Ultra Trail, 1x Brixen Dolomites Ultra Trail and many more. In Corona year 2020 we set up our own project and called it
From up to high. We had to walk from home (Leopoldschlag) to the summit of the Großglockner in 7 days, a distance of 360km and 13,000m.

Finally, I would like to say that everything is only possible through precise training control with the vital monitor and I hope to be able to train with it for many more years!

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