Success Story

The vital monitor makes me fit for my missions in the fire department!

Dominik in seiner Feuerwehr Einsatz Ausrüstung lächelt in die Kamera

Less training volume and more success: the Vitalmonitor makes my workouts more than just efficient!

My sporty review

My name is Dominik Kaiser and I am 31 years old. A few years ago, I turned my hobby into a profession and became a firefighter for the Linz professional fire department. I really got into sports at the age of 19. At that time, I had the motivation and, above all, the sufficient time to do sports several times a week, sometimes even daily. I was particularly fond of running. Within a very short time, I completed the half-marathon distance and, just one year later, the full marathon distance.

Work, study, family: training took a back seat

During the training in the early days and regular exchange with my same, I met Berny (Vitalmonitor Coach). At that time he still coached me via e-mail and monthly training plans. Then I attended night school part-time, after graduating from high school I started to study part-time and slowly I noticed that the days were getting shorter and shorter.

In 2013 my wonderful daughter Sophie was born. As happy as I was, I noticed overnight that the day with only 24 hours was over. The sport moved further and further into the background but I never gave up. I still needed the one or other running session. Not only because it is my passion, but also my risk insurance in extreme situations. Because only when I'm in top shape can I provide adequate help to my fellow firefighters. Not to forget: my comrades count on me!

After my second daughter Lina was born in 2016, running suddenly seemed to disappear completely. The children demand complete attention on my days off. My adorable partner, too, of course! Then I talked to Berny. The vital monitor sounded quite interesting to me but the time factor made me skeptical about this topic for the time being.

Logistics is everything

Logistically, I was quite well organized. From about March to September, I simply rode my road bike to work instead of the car. This is a distance of about 30 km and was a total satisfaction for me. Furthermore, this change did not burden my family since it hardly takes more time than driving by car.

How I came to the Vitalmonitor

Then the magistrate allowed me to participate in a three-month test phase with the Vitalmonitor. Since then I am convinced. Although today I no longer have the time to train 5 - 7 units a week, but rather 3 - 4 times, I have found the middle ground between family, ministry, university and of course the sport. After coaching Berny, I was sharp again after about six months! By that I mean that I manage to run my "old" times again, which were possible before the kids. And that although I have less training volume! The Vitalmonitor makes it possible for me to train efficiently, ecologically and on a daily basis. The device shows me exactly whether the last night was restful despite children's screams etc. or whether I should train the day after rather little or maybe not at all.

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