How can I lower my bio-age?

Wie kann ich mein Bio-Age senken?

High BioAge

An increased biological age, which lies above the calendar age, is always associated with a dominance of the sympathetic nervous system (stress, drive, strain, ...) and an insufficient relief for this. In the worst case, this can also already exist for such a long time that an improvement can hardly or only with difficulty be achieved.


So, in order to lower the Bio-Age, measures must be taken that lead to a relief with activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Reasons for an insufficiently functioning parasympathetic nervous system can be: too high load with insufficient recovery, too little or bad sleep, chronic or acute diseases, ...

In order to improve the situation, which always means a reduced load and reduced efficiency, it is necessary to increase the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system. This should then lead to an improvement of the vegetative balance.


The biofeedback in our app is a measure to systematically influence the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system via breathing. By breathing deeply in and out in a slow rhythm (as specified by the app), the parasympathetic nervous system is permanently deactivated and activated. Its principle activity level can thus be systematically positively influenced.This can be seen in an increase in the HRV of the biofeedback ablesen!

Biofeedback should be performed at least 1x a day, of course not immediately after meals or physical stress. In case of problems falling asleep, biofeedback can likewise provide a positive effect by activating relaxation. Of course, other relaxation methods can also make a productive contribution here!

Training measures

Forms of training that have a positive effect on the parasympathetic nervous system include endurance exercise, which leads to heart-breath coupling during exercise. With moderate endurance stimuli, the same phenomenon occurs as with biofeedback. The parasympathetic nervous system is deactivated and activated rhythmically via breathing, which also increases its activity level.

Due to this phenomenon, which occurs in most people in the training areas G1 and Reg, the bio-age can be lowered by training in these areas (running, cycling, Nordic walking, walking, ...). In this case, the activity usually does not release stress hormones, but rather reduces them.

Sleep behavior

An important factor for the effect of the parasympathetic nervous system is sleep! The parasympathetic nervous system can develop its main activity during sleep. The duration and the quality of sleep are the most important factors. In principle, a sleep duration of 10-6 p.m. is considered optimal. Deviating from this, each of us develops an individual sleep duration, which we keep quasi regularly. If we deviate from the optimum (10-6 p.m.), then there is at least still individual potential for improvement in order to enable the parasympathetic nervous system to work for a longer period of time. If there are then still sufficient deep sleep phases, then the potential of the "sleep effect" is optimized. However, for many individuals, there is never any possibility of achieving more relief here!!!



Acute and especially chronic diseases often mean a negative influence for the bio-age, because the organism is additionally burdened by the disease and its function (especially the relief) is limited. In case of chronic diseases, which mean a burden for the whole organism, a drastic improvement of the biological age is mostly unrealistic.

The systematic use of optimized sleep behavior, regular aerobic endurance training, relaxation procedures, which have a parasymapthicotonic effect, should lead in the medium term to an organic relief, which is reflected in a decrease in biological age. This always means an increase in physical and mental resilience and performance!


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Ulrich Moritzer

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