Model berührt HRV-Messgerät Vitalmonitor Nano

The new


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The vital monitor system

After measuring with the Vitalmonitor Nano, you will receive your values ​​directly on your smartphone. You can analyze them in more detail in the portal.

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Vital monitor Nano

HRV meter with a sampling rate of 300 Hz.

Vital monitor app

The Vitalmonitor app is available for all common iOS and Android versions.

Vital monitor portal

In the portal you can view your values ​​in detail on a laptop or tablet.

The Nano vital monitor

Determine recommendations for training, regeneration and stress levels in 3 minutes and evaluate your health using BioAge.

Control training or health activities in advance using effective analysis data.

Areas of application

Regardless of whether it's health or fitness, the Nano Vital Monitor will help you achieve your goals!


Find out how old you really are!

Is your body as old as your birth date suggests? Determine it with the Vitalmonitor! Regular morning measurements provide you with a trend of your biological age. You can see what affects your body positively and negatively and react accordingly.




The basis of the vital monitor measurement:


Based on your HRV (heart rate variability), the vital monitor can determine your current performance in the area of ​​sports as well as your stress level in the area of ​​health.

Unvariable HRV

stressed - exhausted - sick

Variable HRV

regenerated - relaxed - fit - healthy

Training control

Training control

The vital monitor calculates your individual regeneration based on your body measurements and suggests the optimal training range for your physical condition.

Bad measurement result

Good measurement result