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Vitalmonitor Initial Start Up - Android

Dauer: 01:49

How to get your Vitalmonitor started on Android

Vitalmonitor Initial Start Up - iOS(Apple)

Dauer: 01:39

How to get your Vitalmonitor started on iOS

02. Measurement

Dauer: 01:43

See how a measurement works

03. Statistics

Dauer: 00:36

See what you can do in the Statistics Menu

04. Biofeedback

Dauer: 00:47

Take a look at the Vitalmonitor Biofeedback exercise

05. Chat

Dauer: 00:42

How to use our chat

06. How to become a trainer?

Dauer: 01:34

What do you have to do to become a trainer?

07. Pulse Ranges

Dauer: 00:32

How to change your pulse ranges.

08. Quickcheck

Dauer: 00:45

If you want to let someone else take a measurement, this is the menu item you need to click!

09. Settings

Dauer: 01:00

Let us show you the settings menu!

10. Chest Belt

Dauer: 01:25

How to handle the Vitalmonitor chest belt