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HRV measurement device

What is the heart rate variability?

Medically considered the HRV is derived from an ECG. The ECG measures your heart rate; you then see the trend of your heartbeats visualized in a graph. At the beginning of a contraction your ventricle triggers a distinct deflection in your ECG, known as R-waves. The distance between two of the R-waves is called the RR interval and is the value that we use for our HRV measurement.

hrv graph

Why a HRV measurement device?


invariant HRV

If your heart rate is invariant, then this is due to the following factors:

  • You are exhausted from work or from training
  • You are over training
  • You are suffering from an illness or acute pain
  • You find yourself in extreme temperatures or are at high altitude
  • You are suffering from stress, depression, etc.
  • Your diet is unhealthy
  • You consume too much alcohol
  • You are not sleeping well
HRV Plot klein

very variant HRV

If your heart rate variant is high, then the following factors are most important:

  • You are regenerated
  • You are sleeping well
  • You are euphoric
  • Your diet is optimal
  • You are healthy
  • You are relaxed and comfortable
HRV Plot gross

How does the measurement work?

Sit with your back supported in a quiet place and place the Vitalmonitor below the breast.

Now press the button once to activate.

Connect your smartphone/tablet with the Vitalmonitor and start the measurement.




Regular HRV measurements can quickly show states of overtraining. If you regularly measure and train according to our training recommendations, it is practically impossible to fall into the over trained category. You train more efficiently than before, your risk of injury is reduced and many of our customers tell us that they provide better performance with less training (which of course is related to your training intensity). We use the HRV measurements not only for the identification of overtraining, but also to determine your individual level of regeneration. For this, we determine an individual training recommendation for each individual measurement.

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Health Management

A greater variability of heart rate speaks for a healthier and more vital instantaneous state. With our daily measurements you can determine your individual stress level and your Bioage. Thus, you know what is good for you and what influenced your values negatively. You can also try our relaxation exercise to see what helps best to reduce your stress level (Try our BioFeedback exercise or read the blog post about "Autogenic training"). You will see how movement affects your stress level and your Bioage.

en Statistics stress bioage


Through years of development, constant optimization and with the help of athletes, sports physicians, physicians and Vital Coaches we have created the VITALMONITOR:

  • Works exactly like a regular stand ECG device
  • Sensor weighs only 59g and is encased in sturdy housing
  • Contacts are made of non-irritating and highly conductive steel
  • Gold wired PCB
  • High-performance batteries for up to 5,000 charge cycles (taking 2 measurements a day, each charge will last about 2 months)
  • Panasonic Bluetooth Dual chip (2.0, 3.0, 4.0)
  • Texas Instruments ECG processor
  • ISO 13485 certified (ISO 13485 is an ISO standard that represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices)
  • Resistant to water splashes, sweat & UV rays
  • Small size, therefore easy to transport