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What is the Vitalmonitor?

The Vitalmonitor is a 59 gram vital sensor. It is worn around the chest and includes a 500 Hz 1-channel ECG. A 3-minute measurement is carried out, which is transmitted in real time from the chest strap to your Smartphone/Tablet. The specially developed app stores the data and sends it automatically to your web portal (at no extra cost!), Where you and/or a coach can evaluate the results in detail.

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Through years of development, constant optimization and with the help of athletes, sports physicians, physicians and Vital Coaches we have created the VITALMONITOR:

  • Works exactly like a regular stand ECG device
  • Sensor weighs only 59g and is encased in sturdy housing
  • Contacts are made of non-irritating and highly conductive steel
  • Gold wired PCB
  • High-performance batteries for up to 5,000 charge cycles (taking 2 measurements a day, each charge will last about 2 months)
  • Panasonic Bluetooth Dual chip (2.0, 3.0, 4.0)
  • Texas Instruments ECG processor
  • ISO 13485 certified (ISO 13485 is an ISO standard that represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices)
  • Resistant to water splashes, sweat & UV rays
  • Small size, therefore easy to transport


Your ECG is transmitted in real time to your Smartphone/ Tablet. This means you can actually see your ECG during the 3 minute measurement.

After the measurement has been completed, your ECG will be transferred to your web portal. There you have the possibility to view the data in various time periods. All your ECG’s are stored here and can be accessed and evaluated by you or by someone that you have allowed to access your portal.

You can make as many 3-minute measurements, as you wish.

Below left you see the ECG in 8-second sections.

Bottom right, the whole ECG measurement is displayed.

Resting Phase
EKG Intervalle
EKG Gesamt