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The BioAge shows how fit your organism is compared to your age.

A study that was recently being talked about and which was completed by Dan Belsky of Duke University, found out that the reason some peoples bodies age faster that others is primarily due to environmental influences. This means that we can influence how we age by our level of fitness. By measuring your biological age you can find out when your body is doing well and reinforce the positive influences. Or you can see what has a negative effect, and renounce it in the future. These adjustments can help you to age healthily and increase your life expectancy, or to even win back the performance capabilities of someone much younger.

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What has positive effects What has negative effects
  • Adequate exercise
  • Good nutrition
  • Adequate sleep
  • Positive lifestyle
  • Good Balance
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Overweight / high BMI
  • Smoking
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic Diseases



Herbert Hackl

"For about 2 years I’ve had a problem that when I train too much my immune system becomes unbalanced. I’ve also struggled for a long time with sleep problems. When I wake in the mornings I feel exhausted and not rested."

"Previous changes of sleeping position (placement of bed) did not bring any improvement. With another change there was also no initial improvement, but after two months my readings, especially the Bioage were much better."

"Without the feedback provided by the Vitalmonitor, I would never have changed my sleeping position and therefore continued to suffer from my sleeping problems!"

bioage hackl

Murat Keklikci

"As well as my job as a manager in an international company, I regularly participated in interval & intensive weight training. At the beginning of this training my biological age was 50 years which gradually rose up to 58 years. To counteract this increase I developed a new training plan.  Four times per week I now complete endurance training and two times per week strength training. I also paid attention to my sleeping habits and go to bed earlier. I initiated this conversion in mid-December. The Vitalmonitor clearly shows me my success, as one year later I have reduced my biological age to 26”. The average stress level has also been reduced from 50% to 20%, although the workload itself has not changed.

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