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Martin Konrad

CEO International

"Even as a teenager sport was a passion and I became very interested on how to get the most out of my workouts. As a result, I investigated in great detail the topic HRV and decided that these measurements should be made available to everyone."

Mag. Bernhard Schimpl

Head of Science

"From training management to investigating blood parameters in competitive sports, I was always searching for ways to be non-dependant on training location and how to manage stress. 10 years ago I started to occupy my time with the theme of HRV."

Klemens Stutzenstein

Head of Marketing

"I myself had a double burden of work & thesis and could no longer adequately process my stress values. Berny and Martin then advised me to take a course in autogenic training to reduce my stress levels. Despite initial doubts, I have attended the course and it worked perfectly! "

Patrick Hutflesz, BSc., MSc.

Head of IT

"For me the Vitalmonitor is a motivational tool. The strongest motivation comes from within and the Vitalmonitor helps to motivate me every day to do something good for myself."

DI (FH) Hans-Jürgen Lindinger

Vital Coach

"The topic of HRV has fascinated me for several years, and after a serious illness it has helped me to regain confidence in my body. The Vitalmonitor for me is the ideal companion, mirror, bodyguard and navigator all in one."

Dr. med Peter Brunner

sports physician

"Due to the daily measurements with the Vitalmonitor I can see the situation of my patients objectively and be more helpful and actively involved in their healing processes, and they in turn can see an immediate effect on their behaviour."

Ümit Bas

Head of Mobile Development

"A few weeks after I first saw my BioAge I quit smoking!"

Larissa Coltan

Back Office

"Since I started cardio training on a regular basis I could lower my BioAge by 7 years."



"Wuff wuff, wuff wuff wuff wuff!"