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Stress is the cause of over 50% of all diseases. This reduces a person’s well-being and performance.

The Problem

On the one hand workers who become sick need to be replaced and on the other workers who are constantly under stress are less efficient and more prone to diseases. Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schneider calculated in his work "Economic Analysis of a timely recognition of Burnout" a stress-related productivity loss of € 4,000-5,000 per employee per year.

Analysis of the heartbeat (HRV), thus creating a daily calculation of stress levels and biological age.

The Solution

The goal is not stress-elimination. Stress is important and useful, as long as the organism is able to process it. It is precisely this process that can be measured by the Vitalmonitor. Therefore interventions aimed at stress reduction can be planned and evaluated.

The indicator "Bioage" can determine what changes have a positive and a negative effect on the body. Thus employees and managers are motivated and supported to lead a positive lifestyle.

The regular heart rate variability (HRV) measurement can be evaluated in accordance with the Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) program and perfectly adapted to the respective employees and executives.

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