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You feel good; you would like to do some weightlifting.  You go to the fitness studio and place heavy weights onto the lifting bar, but you just don’t have the strength to lift them.

It would have been better if you had known beforehand that this kind of training is useless today.

3 days later, your day was not so good. According to your plan you should do some training, but your feelings tell you to take a break. You overcome these feelings and decide to do some short light exercise – nothing more.  You go to the fitness studio and place weights on the lifting bar.  You lift and lift but do not get tired why?


Did you know that your body tells you when you are ready to train?

Analyze your heart rate variability (HRV) and get your perfect training zone

The Solution

The indicator is the Heart Rate Variability; this depicts what intensity of exercise is currently optimal for you.

Distributed throughout our bodies are sensors that report back to the heart.  This feedback ensures the ideal care of our whole organism. When the feedback is good, our heart rate adapts to the impulse of the sensors and our bodies become regenerated. The distance between our heartbeats can be short and then long, depending on what feedback the sensors give. However, if this feedback to the heart is poor because our body is exhausted, the sensors give little or no signals to the heart.  Therefore the heart switches to self-mode increasing the beats, without adapting to the changed conditions.


If your heart rate is invariable, then this is due to the following factors:

  • You are exhausted from work or from training
  • You are over training
  • You are suffering from an illness or acute pain
  • You find yourself in extreme temperatures or are at high altitude
  • You are suffering from stress, depression, etc.
  • Your diet is unhealthy
  • You consume too much alcohol
  • You are not sleeping well


If your heart rate variability is high, then the following factors are most important:

  • You are regenerated
  • You are sleeping well
  • You are euphoric
  • Your diet is optimal
  • You are healthy
  • You are relaxed and comfortable
The Revolution in training control: the most accurate hrv measurement of all times

The Vitalmonitor


The Vitalmonitor

The Vitalmonitor is a mobile vital sensor, with which it is possible to measure your physical regeneration, your stress level and your Bioage at any time. The Vitalmonitor calculates your heart rate variability, which is considered as the overall way to measure the status of your health.

So you can for the first time: and at any time, determine how regenerated your body is and align your training to it.

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The App

iOS: Bluetooth 4.0 & iOS from version 8.0

Android: Bluetooth 2.0 & Android from version 3.0

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The web-portal works in common browsers. Here you are able to:

  • See your values on a larger scale
  • Use the overlay function
  • Coach athletes
  • Evaluate your measurements


Through years of development, constant optimization and with the help of athletes, sports physicians, physicians and Vital Coaches we have created the VITALMONITOR:

  • Works exactly like a regular stand ECG device
  • Sensor weighs only 59g and is encased in sturdy housing
  • Contacts are made of non-irritating and highly conductive steel
  • Gold wired PCB
  • High-performance batteries for up to 5,000 charge cycles (taking 2 measurements a day, each charge will last about 2 months)
  • Panasonic Bluetooth Dual chip (2.0, 3.0, 4.0)
  • Texas Instruments ECG processor
  • ISO 13485 certified (ISO 13485 is an ISO standard that represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices)
  • Resistant to water splashes, sweat & UV rays
  • Small size, therefore easy to transport


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